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  1. Schattenjager

    Custom Building a trailer? Check out these folks in Denver:

    Jim Oberlander has brought his powerful mind and skills to the custom platform market. Check this video to get a better picture! Need custom parts for a project? Whether as a Pro Builder or DIY they can do it
  2. Schattenjager

    Schattenjager's 2012 GX460

    After much debate in the sacred halls of the ExPo forums between 4Runners, LX200s and GX's, I finally found a rig that had been well taken care of and was less than 500 miles away. The pickings were slim but patience paid off. 2012 GX460 Premium with all four switches by the shifter 69K miles...
  3. Schattenjager

    Gx460 secondary air pump issue

    I have been looking for my next adventure buggy and for many reasons have zeroed in on the early GX460s. Being a Toyota guy, I wanted to stick with the traditional reliability and quality past experience has proven. However, it seems the GX has some not minor problems? Rear air suspension is...
  4. Schattenjager

    LX 570 rust photos - worrisome?

    Despite a GREAT Lexus service history and squeaky clean carfax, I dodged a bullet at the VERY last minute on a 570 in Washington state - beware of Auto Connections of Bellevue. I can elaborate if anyone is interested. Long story short - Carfax is not overly useful in the real word. So...
  5. Schattenjager

    Flying to looking at 09 LX570 tomorrow - told today there is a seat heat issues

    Certainly not the end of the world, but since I have not purchased the car yet, thought I would cast about here: I think I have found a decent LX 570 - good records, one owner, seemingly good shape from the photos. Sales dude just called and said the passenger seat heater is not working...
  6. Schattenjager

    2017 4Runner Premium vs '08 Loaded Cruiser

    Oh boy - maybe I just need to type this out to clear my thinking but I have an interesting dilemma: New 4runner Premium with sunroof but no KDSS (it is 6-8 months away on order and no dealers near have it either) and 1.9% financing with full new car warranty or Loaded 08 Land Cruiser with...
  7. Schattenjager

    New 4Runner Model options for exploring

    Happy Thanksgiving ExPo! I am giving serious thought to getting back into the over-landing arena. I have had a host of built rigs from a few beloved 80 series, two built Tacomas, a mild 95 4runner build. The key word for this post is 'built.' As I look at the TRD PRO OFF ROAD UBER edition vs...
  8. Schattenjager

    Tacoma Console VAULT: 2005 - 2015 $200

    Tacoma Console Vault: 2005 - 2015 $200 Missoula, MT Perfect shape with issued bolts for the floor of your console.
  9. Schattenjager

    Cooper Discoverer St Maxx tires 255/85/16 (X5)

    Five Cooper Discoverer St Maxx tires 255/85/16 Missoula, Mt $900 Five tires because I rotate the spare in to get better mileage out of a set and also have a correct sized spare if the worst should happen. These tires are freaking new - about 5K miles with one rotation. Perfect wear, no pull...
  10. Schattenjager

    *SOLD* 2006 Tacoma - ExPo build

    *SOLD* 2006 Tacoma TRD Off Road with factory rear locker Garage Kept ~ 156K miles VIN: 5TELU42N26Z271250 In Missoula Montana $18500 Willing to drive to meet you part way, details dependent. Please message me here if you have questions. Hello folks - it's been a little while. Sadly I am...
  11. Schattenjager

    Tamron 70-200 2.8 VC USD G1 for NIKON

    For Nikon DSLR DX or FX Perfect condition, seldom used lens with box, papers, and still under warranty. Very popular focal length for portraits and sports. Super high resolving power and class leading image stabilization competes squarely against the 2.5X more expensive Nikkor / Nikon offering...
  12. Schattenjager

    WTB Clean, preferably unmolested 80 series Cruiser

    Having had and built two 80's, i know them and the market quite well. Looking for something in nice shape body and interior wise and mechanically sound. '96 or '97 is preferred. LX450 is fine too. Wanting it to be 100% nice. If its great mechanically and the body is straight but the interior...
  13. Schattenjager

    Tamron 150-600 for Nikon

    Can't edit my original post. $700 shipped via Fed Ex ground. Other options are available appropriate to FedEx pricing. Its a great lens but I do not have many opportunities to use it. Lightroom shows I have now taken 137 pictures with it. It is like new. In the box. Used on a D810 and...
  14. Schattenjager

    Tamron 150-600 Nikon mount

    Its a great lens but I do not have many opportunities to use it. Lightroom shows I have taken 64 pictures with it in a year. It is completely like new. In the box. Used on a D810. $850 shipped and insured via FedEx in the good ole USA Info...
  15. Schattenjager

    Nikon D810 setup question

    If anyone has a D810, I could use a little help: I am flummoxed by the memory card slot set up. I want to to shoot RAW to the CF and JPEG to the SD I have it set up in the shooting menu as follows: Primary slot selection: CF Secondary slot function RAW+JPEG / > RAW primary - JPEG...
  16. Schattenjager

    06 Tacoma engine noise - thought it was ps. but now???

    My '06 4.0 Tacoma has had an RPM relative whine for many months. Even though I am out of state, yesterday I had the power steering pump replaced by a highly recommended diesel shop. Sadly, the new pump still makes noise. The shop changed the fluid from Toyota recommended ATF to something...
  17. Schattenjager

    Looking for a close match to 255/85/16 for winter

    I want to make a move toward the Discoverer A/TW but they do not yet make it in my existing 255/85/16. 238/85 and 265/75 are the options. 235 is a 10 ply and I would like something a bit more compliant, but fear 265 might be a negative in snow. I've got a 2.5" OME lift and the 255's clear...
  18. Schattenjager

    Know of a reputable, great price point camera gear website?

    I recently had a D810, Nikkor G 14-24 2.8, and 50mm 1.8 nicked and NEED to start replacing the gear. The price point seems pretty consistent, but there are some exceptionally low adverts. That, of course, scares me. I'm selling my backup d7100 (on here in the expo equipment for sale) to help...
  19. Schattenjager

    Nikon D7100, Battery Grip, GPS, charger, $720

    I have a D7100 in good shape with some extra bits. It was a backup to my D810 and the telephoto lens carrier for speedy range switching. The reviews are near legendary. This DX (crop sensor) camera really raised a few bars. Image quality is amazing, low light performance is stellar (pun) and...
  20. Schattenjager

    05+ Tacoma factory front lower bumper surround

    Denver - $150 obo Its been on a shelf since I added my ARB - great condition, no fogs.