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  1. aka rover

    Where are you now? OFFICIAL MAYA RALLY In Progress thread!

    I was thinking that a Thread that all teams can check in or let others know where they are camping or if they are broke down this can be a place to do a quick check and see what is going on. And a good place for you to add where you are going to be at a certain date or time or if you find...
  2. aka rover

    Anyone remember or know of this EXPO Rover?

    Ok this is all I have of this rig, I was told it was a mid 70s 109 series III. It was a French guy who built the thing and headed north, I was told it was a double decker so to speak. There was a roof off of a 88 grafted to the top of the 109s top. I dug the rear doors and K members out of the...
  3. aka rover

    Leaving from Alaska to the "End of the World"

    Just thought I would see if there is anyone in the north west headed down and when? We would like to maybe meet up and travel down as a convoy. We can meet up anywhere along the way Canada to California, dates dependent and if anyone in Alaska is going and needs some help preping a rig I...
  4. aka rover

    Wildlife and Rovers post up your pics here!

    Thought some of you might like these pics, Got home from parts shopping and these guys wouldn't leave the drive. These guys are not huge but they are not small as you can see by them size standing next to the disco! I was hopping the little guy wasn't going to sit down!
  5. aka rover

    Yet another 109 build Thread

    Well I wasen't going to do a build thread but since I have recieved so much help from several members I thought I would say thanks and post up some of the progress as I get the time. The rover is a 1967 NADA 5 door wagen that lived a hard life as a plow rig, pretty much everything was shot on...
  6. aka rover

    1967 NADA 109 cant make up my mind on this 2.6 power plant

    Well the title pretty much says it all, im on the fence on wether to give the 2.6 NADA motor a go or just ditch it now and be done with it. I have done some research and really cant conclude what i can expect from the 2.6. It looks to have a little more power than the 2.25 but not sure on its...