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    WTB warren XT17 1,000.00

    looking for a warren xt17 willing to pay 1,000.00 for one new in box complete kit
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    spot gps

    has anyone els had spot gps continue to charge them long after they cancelled. their company is a joke i used to love their product and i guess its still ok i had 12 units and 2 satellite phones with them but never again their must be a product .
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    Swing away rear spare MT for a power wagon

    Looking for a spare tire mount for the rear of a 06 power wagon Ideally I would like to have it built into a rear bumper by getting the Spare out from under the truck I could mount a rear winch under the bed with The rollers coming through the bumper. I know I can use a rear hitch mount I used...
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    Vortec. In. A discovery

    I have a 99 discovery with 30k on verry well built truck We had some cooling problems it never got hot but Ran it home on water got some umexpected cold wheater and pushed the freez plugs out and we had Been looking at a vortec swap any way this may be The time Any input would realy help
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    verry clean defender

    looking to sell my d90 94 blue,gbr gears and arb,safarieguard rear bumper,arb front,new tires,new badgertop,rinolined inside new front seats,rear bench redone to match ,new 3 inch lift. this thing is verry clean and drives nice hate to sell it but it just sits in the shop and i would rather...