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    1993 Toyota Hilux Galaxy 4x4

    What are the bed dimensions? I'm 6'2", could I sleep on it?
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    Vehicle Cabinetry Construction Materials

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    Corporate Runaways Ambulance Build

    So you can access the shower from the inside with the door closed, and use it as an outside shower with the door open? Brilliant. I'm starting to dig this ambulance idea. Just not sure how I would feel about the interior height. Thanks for the pics!
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    Corporate Runaways Ambulance Build

    I'd be curious to see how you incorporated a shower/toilet. Got any pics?
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    Corporate Runaways Ambulance Build

    What's the inside height on this thing? I like the idea of an ambulance, but I think most of them are too short to stand upright. I'm 6'2", and being able to stand upright would be a bonus.