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    1996 sr butterfly valve failure

    A friend has an sr that had the butterfly valve let go and drop into the motor. he says motor is toast. I remember reading somewhere on the internet that sometimes it will only kill the valves, and leave the the bottom end ok. Anyone have any input? Is it possible that I can get the heads...
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    Gen 2 Montero cabin filter install

    Easier than I expected. Had to take off the glove box completely. I did remove the blower motor for easier access, but didn’t really HAVE to. Once the glove box was out of the way, Unclip the latch that holds the air control flap to the rod. Then cut the plastic supports off. Then squeeze a 7”...
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    Barbie Car | 1995 ls 3.0

    My girlfriend, mom and sister (all diffferent people) affectionately call my my monty the Barbie Car because of the toylike features like transforming into a bed or the little flashlight in the back or the sun roof or the grab bar on the dash instead of an airbag. I figure I don’t have a choice...