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    Air chuck/inflators with accurate gauge

    Autocross and track guys swear by Longacre I've been pretty happy with my ARB digital.
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    Garmin Overlander- Problems

    Because all they care about is their subscriptions and selling map updates. Sell that POS, buy an iPad mini, a RAM mount and Gaia and you are done. Plus, you have a tablet you can use for other things anytime you want.
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    Advice sought on adding strip lighting to headliner

    Funny, I was thinking of doing something similar using one of these
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    Lets talk small generators!

    I picked up a Westinghouse iGen2500 on eBay about a 2 years ago during one of their 20% off coupon events and could not be happier. Was under $500 delivered and does everything I need.
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    For sale Jackery 240 & Jackery 500 like new

    For sale Jackery 240 & Jackery 500 like new. I don’t have boxes but these are like new both under a year old and have been charge cycled maybe a dozen times. They will come with the Jackery charge cables and storage cases and both are in perfect working condition and appearance. Rather sell...
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    Watch out for Scammers

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    E Rated AT Tires

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    How in the hell is an S-Pod BantamX $915.00!

    Lights, possibly ARB compressor so I need an 8 circuit. However, I’m limited on both button space and under hood space for relays and want to limit the number of wires run.
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    Roof Top Tent on an Outback

    You do know they have springs and lift kits to compensate for that.
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    Wiring power AND ground for GMRS and CB radios direct to battery?

    Wiring Power AND ground for GMRS and CB radios direct to battery? I’ve always powered comms direct to battery on Jeep and Discovery and that’s what I was going to do with my 2019 Subaru Outback. However, there is a lot of confusing and conflicting information online as to what is best practices...
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    GRMS radio/antenna help

    Ain’t that the truth. ******** 😂
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    GRMS radio/antenna help

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    Replacement Jackery cables

    Just PM’d you.
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    GRMS radio/antenna help

    Ditch mount light brackets are your friend.
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    New smaller, more portable WaterPort

    Same here. Try using a Schrader valve and a bike pump see if that works. Maybe you have a bad seal in the hand pump.
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    Baja Design Flood Lights ?

    I have S2 Pro Combos as ditch lights and S2 work/scenes as my aux and reverse lighting. my last “need” is for some front mounted bumper bar lights like the Baja LP6 or LP9.
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    How in the hell is an S-Pod BantamX $915.00!

    Love, ARB going back to the 90’s and even now have quite a bit of thier stuff. My issue with the LINX is the limited actual use, limited real work or current reviews, limited support or updates and just a general feeling ARB is not 100% committed to this platform.