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    GPS tracker for security on the trailer

    They probably wouldn't know it has a tracker though if you hide it well.
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    [For sale] Custom multi-purpose camping/hauler/overland/utility trailer

    Asking $4,200 or best offer & located in San Diego. Priced reasonably as such with the understanding that it is a 90% done trailer that is a little rough around the edges from both real world use and being one of my first fabrication projects. Someone that doesn't mind a little DIY to finish...
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    Charon, a multipurpose trailer for Pluto

    Just a status photo bump.. nothing to see hear.. maybe..
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    Charon, a multipurpose trailer for Pluto

    Here's a status update on Charon. The swing out door with swing down table is pretty much in its final form. Two locking pins hold the door closed while one of those also doubles as a pin to hold the door open. Made a simple handle from scraps to assist with moving the door (it's not heavy)...
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    Charon, a multipurpose trailer for Pluto

    I figure I should finally start a build thread for this trailer build that I'm close to wrapping up. Today.. How it started out.. Purposes: Home base when camping Raw material hauler for fabrication projects Toy hauler for bikes, quads, or smaller ATVs Wagon for doing trail cleanups...
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    RTT on a trailer...Support?

    Yea, you'd have to be one heavy person(s) to tip the trailer and both would have to be sitting only on the half of the RTT that folds out.
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    Collection of Trailer Builds

    Picking up a RTT this week.
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    Modify or Build from Scratch? How do you like this idea?

    If you plan on only hauling ATVs (ie. not a SXS or UTV), go with a smaller trailer to be more nimble. I have a 5x10 that I've been slowly building with maybe 5-10 hours of spare time per month. I plan on putting a RTT on mine, too, but don't see a need for a permanent box inside the trailer...
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    Censorship on Expedition Portal?

    Well, that's sketchy.. Here are the forum admins: @Brian McVickers, @Chris Cordes, @Christian P., @Dendy Jarrett
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    Selling a homebuilt trailer to a private party (CA)

    So I built a 5x10 utility trailer and registered it as such (ie. custom/homemade). It has a VIN sticker and license plate on it. I also have the registration paper from the DMV. If I were to sell this to someone else in California, what steps do I need to take? What steps do they need to...
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    Need help with trailer brake and hub install

    So ridiculous! The brake shoes are assembled wrong! I just compared mine with online photos from others. How does this even get past their QC? Both the left and right brakes are like this.
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    Need help with trailer brake and hub install

    Am I retarded or is something wrong with my brake and hub kit? This is my first time putting a trailer together, sure, but the hub really should just slide on according to all the videos I've seen. Both the brake are hub are 12" diameter and I've researched online that people use these exact...
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    "Reacher"; A multi-purpose trailer build from Nerve Foundry by Spvrtan

    I was originally wanting to do aluminum for the whole cab but now I think I'm just going to do a hybrid approach. The top half will be aluminum for weight savings and durability since it also functions as the outer shell when closed. The bottom half will be plywood for durability, and strength...
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    "Reacher"; A multi-purpose trailer build from Nerve Foundry by Spvrtan

    Channel typically has weight savings but the fact that I'm using 3/16" channel versus the usual 1/8" tube kind of minimizes the difference. The main benefit of channel and angle is rust management. I know it'd probably be years of humidity for a tube to rust from the inside out but structural...
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    "Reacher"; A multi-purpose trailer build from Nerve Foundry by Spvrtan

    Yea, I plan on doing both. It's just easier sometimes to do a quick social media post but I'll try and keep everything here in more detail, too.