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  1. HendersonJL

    M416 wiring Harnesses help!

    Good Morning! I am not having any luck getting the trailer lights to work. Could anyone please translate the following military wiring diagram: to this 5 wire (4 pin) diagram: I would be very much appreciate it! I have tried Green to 22-460; Brown to 21-489; Yellow to 22-461; Brown/Yellow...
  2. HendersonJL

    My M416 Build Attemp

    After purchasing a JL last November, I developed a bug for a Jeep trailer. After a few months of scouting Craigslist, I was able to get an M416 at a fair price and in a semi-decent shape; it tows well but the prior cut tailgate and the tub really rusted out. The usual plan; tear it down...