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    Painting or wrapping rooftop tent

    Paint it. Wrap will break down under UV on the top flat surfaces in 3-4 yrs. I also thought about this with my Extreme.
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    $200 5KW Portable Diesel Air Heater

    How to make something that I've thought of for a few years now, but I made it overcomplicated. I never thought of putting it in a box and making it portable. Very well done. How are you connecting the fuel? Now, I have another winter project. Thanks.
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    My First Winch Install...One Basic Question

    The winch will drain your battery with continuous use, obviously. You need to make sure your alternator is up to charging your battery after winch use. Biggest fear for me is using the winch late in the day, driving short distance to recovery camp and shutting truck off before the battery has...
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    First video of the Autohome Maggiolina Extreme being packed up

    Autohome has had a video on their site for years. I can't imagine climbing onto the hood/cowl of a vehicle like that....Wow Do you not use the internal bungee to pull the sides in? When I bought mine used the PO used a cedar canoe paddle to tuck the extra material in around the edges.
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    Steerable Trail Trailer

    Very impressive, unique and got lots of cool one offs!! Sure interested in how this is going to finish. J
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    Defender 90 drawer build (Pic heavy)

    Total use of space, well done.
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    Cold weather clothing....

    For sitting around at night, I take my daytime hiking boots that need to be dry inside off, pull the insoles/felts and get them into dry air. Wear something like a duck boot or loose crocs helps feet to dry out and cool off. Loose jack shirt for around the fire, lightweight and not effected...
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    Single drawer build & rear organization system

    Very nice. I like the way you have a build plan and it makes sense. Can't wait to see the rest. I have a 60 series and am still searching for a logical solution to my rear storage, this looks really like the best design so far. Are you planning solo sleeping on the drawer as well?
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    Warn 8074?

    I have an 8074 on my '73 Fj40. I figure it's cool because it was made within a couple of years of my truck. The only thing I would recommend is to swap out the old fashioned solenoid pack for a new generation electronic contactor. The heat and ridiculous setup of the old solenoids are aged...
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    SouthTXplorer-that is about the slimmest drawer I've ever seen. Where did you get them? How deep into the truck do they go?
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    Land Rover Defender Ambulance

    So to get mechanical, is that a factory rear locker? Does it have dual lockers? Interesting project. I see another Defender so you must be familiar enough with them. Plans for water and fuel storage under the floor? Nice project J
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    decent foldable jack/axle stands?

    Great idea, but you should have two points for stability. But that would make sense so long as you didn't have the floor jack at full extension. Be a bit embarrassing to be unable to unload the support stand.
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    decent foldable jack/axle stands?

    A spare tire jammed under the frame works well. I've seen a BAJA race truck that mounted lighter floor jacks to skateboard decks to spread the load in the sand for tire changing. I was thinking that skateboard deck under those folding jack stands would be a pretty good idea,
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    Best roof top tent ever.

    We could add that a dog can and will in Canada invite certain bruin animals to chase said dog back into the tent. I know of two unfortunate people killed where I was camping, by being eaten by large bruin which invaded their ground tents. They even had rifles. This was two separate incidents...
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    Need help deciding. Baroud Evasion or Autohome Magnollina Extreme.

    I got a Maggiolina Extreme second hand. I looked at the JB tents. I wouldn't get one. The Extreme is super durable, meant for daily use on long term basis.
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    Haulmark Flex - thoughts?

    You're not going to haul 1000 lbs. Not for camping. Send them an email and ask if the lid would support a 150 lbs of tent. I don't like the 4 foot wall height. The pics show a lower, more around 30" height. That would be more acceptable. How much are they? I'd upgrade the wheels to bigger...
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    Camper Bed Question

    I think the EXPED Megamat Duo 10 might just fit the bill.
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    Self Rescue / When all else fails...

    You can still pedal an electric bike if the battery is dead.
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    Installing a used Warn - can't remove two socket head screws.

    small propane torch.. and not sure what you're using for penetrating fluid? I use Moovit, soak it around the top of the allen head bolt, heat from the bottom. As you heat it have a continuous torque on the allen screw with a socket. Not too much, but enough for constant torque on the screw...
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    Self Rescue / When all else fails...

    Rokon is only 218 lbs, but 6'7" long. I used to carry a mountain bike on my F-150 but I was 25 yrs younger. But sure beats walking, and on most back roads is faster than a truck anyhow. I'm looking very seriously at a Rokon right now