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    2005 Silverado 6.0L, heading to Argentina.

    Interesting to see your spare mounted underneath.. Is it a 285/75/17 as well? Awesome build!
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Decided it was time to step up to the 35" game. Funny my highway fuel mileage went up and city stayed the same. Silly 4:10 gears.
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    91 LWB Lq4 5.3 swap

    LS swap eye candy :drool:
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    Cape York - The Australian Adventure

    I love what seems like the most friendliest of atmosphere when out on the trail. Great story.
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    Why so few GM Builds?

    I drive one. 2009 z71 1500 65,000km of driving(130 on clock) Tons of offroad, some light 4x4, daily commutes, city driving, hooning AFM - It sucks, top end engine rebuild at 120k km(no fault of my own, maintenance on time), Dropped a new cam/shaved heads/valve springs/pushrods in it and...
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    Question about a GMC

    Afm has been an issue throughout the nnbs lineup-2007.5-2013. The fixes you mention are a new style valve cover designed to prevent oil into the pcv. Which does help with the oil burning, but afm in itself from gm is flawed because it uses oil. so any dirty oil will slowly degrade the system...
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    Red_5 gets a ZR2 and bolts some things on...

    Nice pin stripe :P Good to see you taking advantage of the new vehicle. Have you gotten the need to use the locking diffs yet?
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    out for a rip on the bike in the snow. New baja bumper installed on the truck, just need to add a lightbar and some redesigned splash guards.
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    Silverado question

    What kind of tire pressure do you run? Sometimes it is a pain but if a gas station is close on pavement dropping the tires to 25/20 psi will smooth out the ride considerbaly.
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    Defender 90 drawer build (Pic heavy)

    The aluminum trim on that put a great finish to a well laid out drawer. Very nice.
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    Frontrunner Maxtrax Mounts

    Interesting mount..those eye nutts must weight a ton tho!
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    Falken Wildpeak AT/3W - anyone running them? Opinions?

    Thank you for the snow and ice report, very good to know as I am looking at the 285x75R17 for my silverado. A friend has these tires and raves about the on pavement performance vs the first gen wild peak, and I know the first wild peak was a flop in the snow(I had to push him along a road vs my...
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    Rear mounted awning room?

    Hi everyone, Interested to see if anyone has mounted an arb style awning room off the back of their truck? More specifically I would like to use it with a small wood stove to heat the awning room and bed (in the bed of truck). Right now I use my canopy and truck bed(2013 silverado) as my...
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Adventuring about in the silverado. Local fire tower and a road that led to a secluded alpine lake.
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    A Shoutout to Eureka Tents

    Great customer service is hard to come by these days. Hope your family has made a full recovery too!
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    Tacoma DIY bed slide

    Well designed and looks solid. Happen to know the weight of all of it together?