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  1. granitex1

    inexpensive 12v tire inflator

    I found that the mv90 turned out to be a good choice for my application. I have a small ARB compressor mounted to run just the lockers and when I go to an event like GoneMoab, or WentWindrock I air down at the beginning of the week and stay there for the week. The 90 puts out a lot more air than...
  2. granitex1

    Sleeping in your vehicle

    Picked up a 12v electric blanket a few years ago, it has a built in timer so you don't have to think about turning it off. Just put inside the sleeping bag, when the cold wakes you up turn it on, and go back to sleep. has never drained the battery enough to worry about it.
  3. granitex1

    Preferred DIY paint for sliders/skids?

    POR 15 is always a good option
  4. granitex1

    Frontier Sway Bar

    I have not had one on my xterra for years, and I still use it as a DD. You can always just take off one of the end links when you are going to go out in the woods without taking it all of the way off, all that it really is, is a long bolt.
  5. granitex1

    Cam timing check on a 3.0 hardbody

    More likely the injectors got hit by some crap that made it past the filter, or crap that got introduced during the filter change.
  6. granitex1

    Lockers or limited slip? For my 06 ford expedition

    a selectable locker will trump a lsd every time. gives you the open diff for the day to day stuff, and the ability to lock it when you need it. The lockers let you go slow with traction, instead of fast with friction. I personally have ARB front and rear, and love it. While not in a ford it...
  7. granitex1

    On Board Welders?

    I would second the ready welder,, will not go out in the woods without mine. without a doubt one of the smartest thing that I have picked up over the years. On a side note do not try to use a jump pack as one of the batteries,, they do not like it one little bit.
  8. granitex1

    What Frontier Bed Rack

    it is a one off that he had made.Hefty did the aluminum front bumper
  9. granitex1

    Adding height to lifted van

    more sidewall with less air is your best friend, just lifting everything will not help.
  10. granitex1

    Are Mud Flaps Just As Good As Full Fender Coverage?

    There is no real replacement for full coverage, some places you will need both,
  11. granitex1

    rig of chrishaynesusa

    how else are you going to have ice cream on the trail.
  12. granitex1

    Winch Bumper for 1997 R50

    ARB makes a good one, but stay away from TAG, ot tactical armour group, I have seen more issues come out of that shop than quality peices. You have to question a company that keeps changing there name to avoid bad press.
  13. granitex1

    Beach driving a 95 Monty SR?

    Air down and coast to a stop, going very easy on the throttle helps not to dig in, and a scrap of lumber to put under a jack to keep it from sinking is also something that I always bring along. Other than that just about everything else has been covered.
  14. granitex1

    WENTwindrock 2015 Sept 16th - 20th

    already have my ticket
  15. granitex1

    Xterra1744's 2002 Xterra Build and Adventure Thread

    so is the hood scoop functional?
  16. granitex1

    Xterra vs sand

    To say that an xj has more potential for traveling on sand makes no sense at all, both are 4x4 not AWD, comp weight and power, comp wheel base, that being said they do just fine in sand, either gens. Air down, use momentum, coast to a stop, all of the normal driving on sand stuff works. For...
  17. granitex1

    D-Rings on factory recovery points Gen 3 Montero

    The biggest problem is that those are not recovery points, all that they are is shipping points. They were never designed for the forces involved in a proper recovery.
  18. granitex1

    Citizens Band? Why yes!

    putting a spring at the bottom helps to keep the damage to a minimum.
  19. granitex1

    Would you do this?

    the chasing down part is intentional, the running over part was pure accident. with no intent to cause harm in any manner.
  20. granitex1

    Post your Nissan Camping Pictures!

    Always good to see someone else camping with welding gloves