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  1. 86scotty

    Shell type pop-ups, who has em?

    I have a 5.5' bed Tundra Crewmax and am ready to upgrade from my RTT set up to a hard side pop up shell type camper. I will be building it out and posting as I do. Planning to start with the basic shell, more or less. So, who has em? I'm looking for build threads or your experience with...
  2. 86scotty

    XG Cargo Gama bags for JK/JKU

    These are in like new condition. I bought them middle of last summer and just used them for a few trips. My Jeep has since been sold and I'm unloading some goodies. Their pics are better than mine. If you are...
  3. 86scotty

    Jeep JKU 2.5" AEV lift w/Bilsteins Gauging interest

    I'm considering trading in my 2016 JKU and am wondering if there are interested parties in the lift. I know a dealer is not going to add value for that. Bought this past Spring and maybe has a total of 5k on it. All hardware, instructions, etc. in 10/10 condition. I also have the...
  4. 86scotty

    Jeep JKU Gobi hard top with Rhino Rack backbone and Mopar headliner

    I have a nice Gobi JKU (4 door) hard top that I would trade for a little cash and a black top or sell outright. I am selling my JKU for a different project and the color doesn't match. The backstory is that I had an Ursa Minor poptop that I sold and the buyer already had a Gobi hard top so I...
  5. 86scotty

    Thoughts on the Edelbrock supercharger for JK

    I'm in pursuit of a little more power for my 2016 3.6 JKU. MIne is a 6 speed and though I absolutely love it it is a dog in traffic. I know it's a Jeep and I don't drive mine daily but getting passed by Kias on small hills just bugs me. Also, I'm hoping to build a trailer out soon for longer...
  6. 86scotty

    Different swingout carrier for ARB bumper

    My rear bumper has been a fiasco since the start. I love the styling of the ARB bumper (not the newest style, the one that is just ARB rear bumper they've been selling for a few years) so I bought front and rear but I did not order the rear with a swingout. It was a decent deal for around $600...
  7. 86scotty

    SOLD! Ursa Minor J30 camper for Jeep JKU

    Sold! Thanks After much back and forth on this I'm going to go ahead and list my J30 top. It is perfect and has many upgrades. I have had it less than a year but I'm going in a different direction with my Jeep, probably building an adventure trailer. 2 year old (approximately) J30 fits Jeep...
  8. 86scotty

    Ford Transit T350 Ecoboost camper/work/travel build

    Eric 865-518-2478
  9. 86scotty

    2002 Sportsmobile EB50 7.3l Diesel (Quigley) REDUCED!

    **$56,500** Untitled by 86scotty, on Flickr Listing this for a friend who is local to me. The van is located in metro Knoxville, Tn. I'm a little behind getting an ad up so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves mostly and give you the basics. I will add/modify over the next few days but...
  10. 86scotty

    Chest fridge at angle?

    I would like to post this somewhere more general than just the van section but I'm not sure where on Expo. I have had several front door and chest style fridges in a lot of different Overland/camping rigs, mostly vans. I have a big Truckfridge steel chest fridge in my work truck right now...
  11. 86scotty

    2005 Itasca Cambria small motorhome, ready for 4wd conversion!

    I know, not an overlanding vehicle per se, just trying to get the word out. At 26' this could be a realistic 4wd conversion for someone who wants an extra large, extra nice rig. Also, I'm just a couple hours from Ujoint! He could make it pretty amazing. I could deliver. I've done just about...
  12. 86scotty

    2005 AWD Express build (not Vanilla)

    Vanilla is my white Transit so I guess I'll call this one 'not Vanilla'. Gotta keep track of em somehow. Here's the basics: I've been looking for a truck for awhile since my Transit is pretty much just a work/travel van. I've looked and looked for a 4wd pickup at a decent price. They are...
  13. 86scotty

    1998 MGMetalworks/Expovans E350 V10 Extended, blank slate for camper conversion

    SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Call/Text or email please. I don't check PM's here that often. Up for sale is my pride and joy, a freshly converted Ford E350 4x4 Only 83,835 original miles Just converted to 4x4 with an...
  14. 86scotty

    U bolts for lifting offroad vehicle, fit Dana 60 and maybe others

    I goofed, badly. Let my screw up help you lift the rear of your truck or van! I was getting some U-bolts bent for a lift I'm doing and I ordered the wrong size. I had these done at a custom spring shop locally but once made they cannot be returned. Heavy Duty grade 8 nuts, washers and U-bolts...
  15. 86scotty

    Need a chest fridge? FS Truckfridge TF51 (2.0cf) like Engel, ARB, etc.

    I just upgraded to a bigger Truckfridge chest fridge and have my barely used one for sale. Specs here: Truckfridge makes an awesome product but don't quite have the street cred here that ARB and Engel do. They are cheaper and have a Danfoss compressor and...
  16. 86scotty

    Sweet deal on birch ply for home builders

    Ad says this is all 1/4 but at these prices you could double it for thicker stuff! Russian Birch 6mm 6mm Russian Birch finally in: 4x4-$9 4x5-$10 4x8-$17 All 6mm(extra thick 1/4") Best plywood around For directions and times and other...
  17. 86scotty

    1995 Quigley brake rotor removal/replacement

    My van only has 35k but already has badly warped rotors. I'm upgrading the pads and hope to just turn the rotors for now, since it's never been done. I'm going to upgrade to bigger, better brakes but I figured I'd get one more round out of these for now. I watched some Youtube vids and am about...
  18. 86scotty

    ARB vs. CVT awnings and rooms

    My apologies if this has been covered before, but I couldn't find it. I'm looking for the right awning and add-a-room for my Sportsmobile van. I love the Foxwing but it is out of production for the next 6 months, I hear, and I really don't want to wait that long. Question 1. Are the ARB and...
  19. 86scotty

    black lug nuts?

    I'm looking for them. I haven't found any so far. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks
  20. 86scotty

    Covered trailer build? Probably been asked before but need advice

    OK, I'm sort of at my wit's end. I have this 95 SMB which is in need of a little love, but I'm presently clearing my slate to get started on it. Love the floor plan, love the van except it's an RB. I know I won't be able to afford or probably even find one with this few miles again. It isn't...