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    SOLD: Kirkhams Springbar Canvas Tent Family Camper 7 Made in USA

    Family camper 7 tent, 10 x 14 Excellent condition, 2 years old, only used for 4 trips. Comes with the awning, portico kit with extra poles (never used), ground cover, stakes, guy lines, hanging organizers. This is the complete kit offered by Kirkhams only thing it doesn't have is the screen...
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    SOLD: 2015 Taxa Cricket, SE Michigan

    2015 Taxa Cricket. As new condition, stored inside. I added USB ports, air conditioning, and correctly wired another 12v outlet under the counter for a fridge. Camper is sold!! Thanks Expedition Portal and buyer :)
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    How to choose a battery monitor, which amp rating 30, 100, 200?

    Sorry if this has been asked before however I cannot find an answer. Want to buy a battery monitor for my camper, currently it has a group31 105 amp hour battery, next year I will be adding another of the same battery. When buying a meter will a 30 amp work? or do I need a 200 amp, I don't...