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    2006 Chevrolet C4500 Kodiak Duramax · 4x4 Crew Cab $32,000
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    1988 E350 Pathfinder 4x4 7.3 Ambulance, $5k, Minnesota

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    2015 International Workstar 7400 4x4 Crew - $105000

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    Installing Rear Sway Bar, Hellwig #7085, on a 2004 Quigley Cutaway 4X4.

    I just finished installing a Hellwig rear sway bar on my 2004 Ford E350 Cutaway Quigley. Hellwig's instructions are nearly useless, their tech support was much better. Rant alert*** Hey automotive accessory companies, your instructions almost universally suck, did you make your diagrams with...
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    Rear Leaf Spring?'s 2004 Quigley E350

    Hi guys. I have decided to go with the cheap option and buy some non-custom rear leaf springs for my 2004 Quigley E350 van. I weighed my van and the rear axle comes in at 5,650lbs, 2,825 per spring. That is loaded up on a trip with full fuel. The cheap cheap spring choices are: -3 leaf/1...
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    66mpg, 14" Ground Clearance, 3.2s 0-60mph, 1,800lb Payload, 826ft/lb torque, true 4x4, 66mpg.......

    Do you like these specs? How about 11,000lb towing or 3 feet fording depth? Its the truck from start-up Rivian. It is all electric, the range on the top end is 400+ miles. it will have a motor on each wheel, probably the best traction of any wheeled system ever. If they decide to be...
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    Service Body Quigley Ford E350 - Ebay No affiliation. Space-efficient layout, and I like that it has a two cents.
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    Quigley Ambulance, 7.3, 20k miles, 96'

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    Chassis Mounted, Removable Propane Tank?

    Hi Expo. I'm looking for a removable horizontal propane tank, 10-20lbs, that I can mount to the underside of my van. I envision something like a forklift has, but it does not need to be exactly that. I'd like to keep the propane out of my cab and I don't have a good spot to cut in an...
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    CL: 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ75 Station-Wagon with Camper Box on Chassis - $13500
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    1990 Suburban based Camper, Custom, Ebay. -I've been off these boards for a long time and have been seeing what is available, I'm posting a few of the cool options I've recently found.
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    Unimog Camper, 1987, Ebay, $39k.
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    2011 ATC Bobcat

    I have my lightly used 2011 ATC Bobcat for sale. The camper has been stored climate controlled every night of its life besides the 40 or so nights I have used it. It has a few small cosmetic issues, nothing out of the ordinary. I did add a wind fairing and a guard rail to the bed, I can...
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    Jack options for truck camper that sits at about 46" off the ground?

    I am at the point in my project (F450 + Sunrader) where I am going to begin building the "foundation" for my camper. The foundation is basically a grid-work of steel tube that that will support my camper shell when it is removed from the truck. Whatever jacks I choose will also be attached...
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    2010 7.3 Excursion?

    I can't figure out what these trucks are exactly. They look like all the accents/trim are from well after they stopped making Excurions and they are listed as 2010's with 7.3.
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    Cant Get My Leaf Spring Lined Up With Shackle, Help?

    I have been working to install an Icon 3" shackle and hanger kit on my 2002 F450. (For those that are wondering, this kit does fit, even though Icon does not advertise as such for 450's and 550's.) The kit is only to lift the front. Anyway, I have the driver's side buttoned up. One the...
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    How much clearnce between cab and cabover camper?

    I guys. I am nearing the point of hoisting my Sunrader camper body onto my F450 and I need to make final determination for how much of a gap I will have. Obviously, less is better, as long as the two don't touch on uneven terrain. Heimbig looks to have very little clearance, see photo. He...
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    Help Me Decide, Air Conditioning or Not.

    I am currently working on my F450 + Toyota Sunrader project and I am trying to decide if it is worth it to have air conditioning. I am looking at a Honda generator with an Edgestar 8000 BTU portable air conditioner. This AC unit goes in the cab, keeps my rig lower, and my roof from sagging...
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    Adding Leafs vs Shackles, Ford Superduty

    I might need to lift the front of my 2002 F450 2-3" to clear some tires. A bunch of companies make lifts like this, often called, "leveling kits," as the front of the of most SuperDuty trucks sit a little bit low. Anyway, there are lifts that add a small leaf spring pack between the bottom of...