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    Outside speakers

    Hello, I'm interested in adding exterior speakers to my camper. ( I already have 2 interior speakers and a stereo.) I understand marine grade speakers can handle being outside. Where do I find winterizing covers? What is an economical way to turn them on or off? Any recommended 6" 3 way or...
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    Camper Interior 87 Toyota van

    This will be camper 2.0 for my van. 1.0 was very basic and not functional enough. While i love the expedition concept, There are no expeditions planned in the near future. The application will be weekend camping, skiing and other adventuring. One challenging application will be winter ski...
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    Water tank Level Gauge

    Hello, I"m looking for a solution for monitoring the level in my water tank on a custom camper van. The water tank is going to be mounted under the van taking the place of the spare tire. I have room for 6 to 12 gallons with out impeding clearance. Being under the rig the sight glass is not...
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    Solar Installation Tilting + Trackinging Solutions

    Hello, I'm getting ready to install a 100w solar panel on my travel trailer. I'm curious to see that other have done with tilting and tracking solutions. I have decided that it makes since for my application because if I am camping with the trailer it will be parked for several days so why...
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    Best and Worst Van Ideas

    I'm planning a camper van build. My particular interest is winter camping. Everything must be accessible with the doors closed. I am curious what other experience with some "lessons learned." After all; Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement. If you...
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    Crock Pot???

    Is anyone useing a crockpot; either 12v or 110? I would like to plan a dual battery setup around this. The application is to be out skiing and come back to a hot lunch or dinner. How much battery do you have? How long can the crock pot cook for? Would a 12V unit avoid inefficencies of...