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  1. PajEvo

    Finally snagged an M101CDN2: (a modest build up)

    I've been wanting one of these for many years. A buddy had one, and I loved the form factor, its tough build, and its Canadian heritage. At the time I had too many projects (my wife might argue that hasn't changed), and no real justification to own one. UNTIL NOW. The back story aka...
  2. PajEvo

    '99 Land Cruiser 90 Series diesel (Canada - JDM import)

    This will chronicle the *build* (maybe upkeep is a better word?) of my new Land Cruiser KZJ90. I've had Mitsu 4WD's my entire adult life (and will continue to) but this 90 Series really filled some specific requirements for me, so I decided to see how all you Toyota guys do it. :D (Also, my wife...
  3. PajEvo

    Daily Diesel - 1992 JDM Strada Quad Cab (resto-mod)

    Haven't been on here much lately. Keep hoping for a resurgence in "that other place" but time is moving on. Figured it was high time to document my new projects from the past year... Time to play catch up... In 2006 I imported my first JDM, a 91 Pajero 4D56 diesel. Replaced this in 08 with a...
  4. PajEvo

    1997 Pajero Evolution (Old Betsy VII)

    Finally found my dream machine two days ago after a long time looking. If you're on our FB montero group this will be a repeat for you... sorry about that. But for others... I only have a couple of crappy auction pics so far, but some details... basically the deficiencies it has, of which there...
  5. PajEvo

    Gen3 wheels on a gen2.5... with modifications?

    So many of the Paj-Evos I've been bidding on have aftermarket wheels. This sucks IMHO because I really like the look of the OE O-Z wheels... but if the truck checked out otherwise, sometimes you've gotta take what you can get right? Anyways I came across a pic of this rare red paj-evo with what...
  6. PajEvo

    Anyone have their gen2 triple meter out of the dash at the moment and can take a pic?

    I am continuing to bid on Paj-Evos, and one has come up with interior mods that will have to be "undone". The triple meter has been usurped in favour of... what else... TV/DVD player, and some kind of goofy shelf. I've had the top of a gen2 dash apart before, but its been a few years, and I...
  7. PajEvo

    Anyone have success manually pulling ABS codes from a gen3?

    Got my rig back this weekend, but at the end of the 700km journey, the ABS, traction control and skid indicators came on. I tried pulling them with evoscan, but ABS faults weren't showing. Ditto for my obd iPhone hookup, and my handheld OBD scanner. I've read about grounding the first pin in the...
  8. PajEvo

    Dual battery set ups for the gen3? Let's see yours!

    I know some of you have done dual batt set ups, as evidenced by your build threads... Just wanted to house them in one place. Not so much interested in the wiring aspect, as I have that figured out (although it may be helpful to include for others), but the placement of that big lump? I am...
  9. PajEvo

    Gen3 suspension-levelling airbags? Anyone found em?

    I used airlift airbags in my gen2: brilliant for levelling with the trailer on, stabilizing a load, etc. Hoped they'd fit the gen3, but the coil diameter is smaller. :( A check of Airlifts site shows only up to gen2s. Anyone found a compatible in-coil bag, or another comparable brand that'll...
  10. PajEvo

    Build Thread: 2003 Montero XLS: Ol'Betsy #6

    2003 Montero XLS: Ol'Betsy #6 Ol'Betsy #6 - new requirements, so a new platform! First off, the longest build thread intro ever: skip to the fourth paragraph if all this stuff is uninteresting... A bit of background for those that don't know me: started off my mitsu "career" with an 88 Raider...
  11. PajEvo

    FS: 2008 KLR650 (sold)

    Sold! Thanks for looking.
  12. PajEvo

    DaKLR: My 08 KLR 650 build thread

    This is my first bike, of any sort. Always wanted one, but just never did it till last spring, bought the Kawi, did the MSF course, got my license, and had a blast riding it last summer. Here's what I've done to it so far... SW Motech crash guards: Laminar Lip windshield extension (mine is...
  13. PajEvo

    Old Betsy #5 (Mitsu Pajero diesel build)

    I thought maybe I'd post this up here, to show others what can be done with a Mitsu platform (those of you who have mitsu's already know). Everything I post here will also be over at, in the mitsu section, which I helped create 10 years ago. If you've previously seen it there, then I...