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  1. VerMonsterRV

    DIY GuzzleH2O (fill tanks from stream)

    Hey all, I am considering trying to DIY a version of a GuzzleH2O (to pull water from a stream). It looks like a really nice setup but at $950 is a bit out of our budget. Unfortunately the compact LED UV sterilizer they use is not available to the general public (I contacted the company and they...
  2. VerMonsterRV

    Cab Over Truck Snorkel

    Our LN2 did not come with a snorkel, and I am curious as to how they work with the hood flap. On our truck there is a metal intake beneath the flap that theengine air is pulled in from. I am guessing the snorkels somehow attach to those. Anyone that has a snorkel have time to snap a couple of...
  3. VerMonsterRV

    Column Lock

    Well, a new problem. Today the column Lock is acting up and not allowing me to remove the key. Kind of a problem as our headlights are always on (guessing it is from firetruck days). Plus our truck will not start unless you turn the key all the way off, the only way to restart now is the remote...
  4. VerMonsterRV

    Visco Fans and how are they supposed to work

    In my quest to completely understand the cooling system on our 1120 I am pondering the visco fan. Why? Well a strange thing happened yesterday while essentially idling down a 10 mile gentle sloped corrugated dirt road. 3rd gear left the revs pretty low but with enough braking to slow the truck...
  5. VerMonsterRV

    Coolant Loss

    Hi guys, well we seem to be losing coolant. I have spent time working around the engine and have not seen any leaks. I also keep watch beneath the truck for any leaks and so far nothing. I do not notice a white smoke once warmed up ( though I do notice in the cold morningswhen we start up). The...
  6. VerMonsterRV

    Transmission Oil

    Ok, so our manual says our transmission and transfer case takes SAE 80, 80 W or 80W/85W ( in hot zones SAE 90 or 85w/90. So what oil are you using (and it needs to be available in the USA)?
  7. VerMonsterRV

    Webasto TSL17 Hydronic furnace wiring help

    Hello, I am getting close to finishing my DIY Webasto furnace install. I say DIY because I bought the standard diesel truck coolant heater and have collected the parts needed. I have pretty much everything installed and am now wiring. Our heater came with a simple 3 wire lit toggle switch for...
  8. VerMonsterRV

    Towing a LN2

    This is a hypothetical question about towing our truck. If someday down the road we need a tow would we need to remove the drive shaft to protect the transmission? On our transfer case we have a PTO and on the high/low range switch there is a "neutral". My guess is when you want the PTO you...
  9. VerMonsterRV

    Winch or not and if so sizing of one

    Hey guys, we are considering adding a winch to our truck. I know nothing about winches and have never used one. Our truck is coming in around 19k lbs and is 24v. Sherpa4x4 in Australia seems to have some pretty good pricing and can supply either a 25k lbs or 17k lbs 24v winch with synthetic...
  10. VerMonsterRV

    Headlights for 1120

    Does anyone know of an headlight upgrade for a ln2? Ours are pretty dim and would like something way brighter.
  11. VerMonsterRV

    Transmission Question

    Hi all, if I attempt to shift before the engine revs drop I will get a little grinding. Have taken to shifting very slowly but is there some form of adjustment that needs to be done to correct this or is this expected? Would be nice to shift more quickly when needed.
  12. VerMonsterRV

    Webasto Thermo Top Plug

    Hi all, I bought a Webasto Thermo Top C furnace for the habitat on our truck. This is a truck engine pre-heater and as such the plug did not include the pin for the heat exchanger fans (the pin is on the furnace, and there is a space for it on the plug but it is empty). Anyone know where/how I...
  13. VerMonsterRV

    Fast Turn Signal Blink

    Hi all, I am sort of used to a fast turn signal blink being a burned out bulb. Well, I have checked and the front, side and rear blinker and all are working (though the dash light indicating the turn signal is out, but works with the flashers). I did replace the rear tail lights with LED ones...
  14. VerMonsterRV

    Entry Door Folding Grab Bar

    Hi all, I am looking for a folding grab bar for our entry door. What I am seeing out there for the normal RV looks a bit flimsy and way larger than what I want. Anyone know of a source of a smallish heavy duty version? Sorry for the less than side on photo, it is the only one I have right now.
  15. VerMonsterRV

    Small bathroom sink

    Hey all, I am looking for a very small stainless steel sink for our build. In the perfect world it would be rectangular, about 9" deep and about 12" long. I have done the typical Google searches including image search, but have yet to find anything. Anyone know of where I might find something...
  16. VerMonsterRV

    Motorcycle or not on a MB 1120

    Hey guys, although not at the point of really needing to make a decision what are your thoughts on bringing a motorbike along? Our truck is a Mercedes 1120 so I think weight should not be a huge issue. Bigger issue is the mounting system with the spare tire (or tires) on the back. Also for those...
  17. VerMonsterRV

    High Quality Gravity Lockable Water Fill

    Hey guys, anyone know of where I could get a high quality gravity lockable water fill? I see a lot of plastic ones that look a bit flimsy. I see the Earth Roamers use what might be a nice one but have not been able to find where they get them.
  18. VerMonsterRV

    Material for fresh water tank

    Hey all, I am getting to the point in our build that I need to get a water tank. I will likely get a custom tank to fit the space to get maximum volume. The question I have is this, what material would you recommend the tank be made out of? Polypropylene, HDPE or 304 stainless? Years ago we had...
  19. VerMonsterRV

    Installing a Dometic CU-434 Range

    Hi all, we have just received our CU-434 Dometic range and have a question about the install. In the install directions it mentions a 4" space between the appliance and "adjacent side walls" but also says 0" to "appliance and vertical walls". I think this is telling me I do not need to plan for...
  20. VerMonsterRV

    Tilting rooftop solar panels

    Anyone know of a durable (or DIY) way of mounting solar panels on a roof that could be tilted? I would not mind turning the truck if needed so a single direction tilt would be ok.