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  1. GR8ADV

    New Fuso 4x4

    We have a 2004. My 2 cents are that if you are doing anything other than forest service roads get a Fuso with a 2 speed transfer case. The Duonic is Moronic.
  2. GR8ADV


    Be vary skeptical of a source stating radius and diameter are interchangeable. Just sayin. Lol.
  3. GR8ADV

    SMB West Coast done as we know it

    Is there a thread for this yet?
  4. GR8ADV

    Is 4x4 really necessary for a cabover build?

    Poorly written on my part. . Generally speaking, in my opinion only, an auto Fuso without a two speed transfer case has a more limited audience than a Fuso with one. Hence, the demand for said is reduced. And thus the resulting price and ability to sell reflects that. . I personally would...
  5. GR8ADV

    Is 4x4 really necessary for a cabover build?

    Ha! That’s funny. I didn’t read all of the posts. forget just 4wd, I have had to bail myself out with the low transfer case in multiple occasions. i suspect this is why new Fuso Earthcruiser’s and the such at not getting their ‘value’. The 2 speed transfer case is a must. Oh and and yes...
  6. GR8ADV

    GXV Adventure Truck; how many here?

    Awning shots always have me chuckling.
  7. GR8ADV

    Unimog S404.0 300TDI Expedition Camper

    27k. Let me look into shipping.
  8. GR8ADV

    Fuso 4wd grind

    Thanks Dan. I like ea$y
  9. GR8ADV

    Fuso 4wd grind

    Thanks guys. Not sure I would have ever figured that out. Amazing what you can’t learn after 10’s of thousands of miles.
  10. GR8ADV

    Fuso 4wd grind

    Just had all the fluids change now I grind shifting to 4 hi on the fly. Any thoughts?
  11. GR8ADV

    Why are other full size SUV's not used in overlanding/offroading as often as Forerunner/Landcruiser?

    Just checked the classifieds. Of the first 10 listings we have 3 American and 5 Japanese. Median year American 2014. Median year Japanese 1997. yes I know it is literally only a snapshot. I think it speaks to the quality, reliability and durability of the older rigs. . As the owner of a...
  12. GR8ADV

    * SOLD *

    What a great rig. If it was just me and my dog this would be the ticket. Glws and it will sell. Nicely done.
  13. GR8ADV

    Why are other full size SUV's not used in overlanding/offroading as often as Forerunner/Landcruiser?

    Quality, durability and reliability to name just three. Good god I have owned way too many ford products GM products, Toyota toys, nissans, Porsche’s, Honda’s, Mercedes and even early Hyundai’s over the years. In the end, the Japanese products are head and shoulders above the rest. One...
  14. GR8ADV

    To 4WD or Not to 4WD - Advice needed

    With a 2wd or 4wd there is OK stuff QUESTIONABLE stuff then stuff you should NOT do. If you go with 2wd, not only do you miss out on the OK 4wd stuff beyond the 2wd stuff, but likely miss most all of the QUESTIONABLE 2wd stuff as well as you show prudent judgement. Easy call.
  15. GR8ADV

    SOLD! Ford F600 4X4 1979 Popup top, Cummins Allison, make me an offer!

    Wow. Seems like a heck of a lot of truck for under 100k. Anybody have experience with tile walls? GLWS.
  16. GR8ADV

    How to move heavy picnic table with 1 person?

    I assume you have some sort of vehicle (or at least a horse) that could lend a hand?