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  1. GR8ADV

    SMB West Coast done as we know it

    Is there a thread for this yet?
  2. GR8ADV

    Fuso 4wd grind

    Just had all the fluids change now I grind shifting to 4 hi on the fly. Any thoughts?
  3. GR8ADV

    Front LSD for FUSO

    Did I dream this or a few months back did somebody post about a new Front lsd for the fuso. I could not find anything searching. Am I losing it? Thanks
  4. GR8ADV

    1 x Dometic DM2663 Refrigerator 3 way

    I have the story of you want to hear it. But bottom line is a have a brand new, still on the pallet still has protective foil wrap Dometic DM2663 Refrigerator 3 way refrigerator I will let go for $1000. That is 500 less than the current really good SALE Price. Shipping will have to be on you...
  5. GR8ADV

    Door latch help

    Not sure where to post this so I will start here. I have a unicell box on my fuso. The rear of the vehicle has a large storage compartment. There is a handle in the middle that unmatched both sides. The problem is that it only unlatches one side. Not sure how to tackle this. I tried...
  6. GR8ADV

    Santana in OR

    In Tillamock Oregon.
  7. GR8ADV

    No whining, just wining...

    Not an epic adventure but bugged out in the FUSO for a few days. 1200 miles or so from Seattle to the wine country of Walla Walla WA to the Pinot country of OR and off to the coast. The trip this time of year through the cascades is beautiful. About three hours away are the Palouse Falls...
  8. GR8ADV

    More on FUSO suspension seats

    My research continues. National of course is in the mix. . I recently discovered Ultra Seats out of Edmonton. Anybody have any experience with these? They are made for off road use and appear to be much more robust than the Nationals. T825c has about 2.5 inches of travel. Is this enough...
  9. GR8ADV

    FG headlights suck. Suggestions?

    Looking for the brightest replacement headlights I can find for my '04. The stockers are like pee holes in the snow. Not looking for additional lights but rather some " don't care if they are legal " headlights to replace the stock units. . Thanks for your info if you have been down this...
  10. GR8ADV

    Front diff diff.

    Is there any difference between the limited slip offered by Allen, ATW, and EC? Thanks all
  11. GR8ADV

    Rancho shocks

    Take off from my fuso. May have other applications. Rs 999008. RS 999115. Less than 5000 miles. Work great. Missing one red bushing. How about $125 and shipping for all 4 .
  12. GR8ADV

    Via air 450 compressor and tank

    Take off from my fuso. Viiaair 450 and 2.5 gal tank. Works great. How bout $50 and shipping. .
  13. GR8ADV

    Air impact wench suggestions

    I am looking for recommendations on an air impact wrench that can run off on an extreme air magnum and a 2.5 gal tank. I need to be able to torque tight to around 400 ft lbs. removal will need to be greater of course. I would like one I can set the torque so I do not have to hand torque to...
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    I have spent the last couple of days at Sportsmobile West getting some suspension done in my FUSO. It has afforded me a bunch of time to check things out. Quite an amazing company. Great people, extreamly helpful, very knowledgeable staff across the board. I have been so many places where...
  15. GR8ADV

    No shortage of business

    In at Sportsmobile West this week looking at fuso suspension. No shortage of work here as there must be 50 vehicles in some stage of production. All allocated to customers and the wait list must be close to a year. Econolines, transit, lots of sprinters, Nissan , pretty much all shapes and...
  16. GR8ADV

    Frame flex fundamental question

    So what is worse "on a FUSO" , the frame flexing as it was designed with loads under gvw or concentrated forces on the frame from a mounting system proving loading and flexing other than the designers intent. . The reason I ask is my box is mounted directly to the frame. There are about 155000...
  17. GR8ADV

    Oil check/level switch

    Before I start taking things apart... My 2004 fuso has a switch in the cab to check oil level. Switch it on with the engine off and it glows either green or red indicating oil level. Mine shows neither color but I can hear a relay clicking when the switch is activated. Anyone have similar...
  18. GR8ADV

    oil water separator

    Can anyone provide me with a sketch as to how the oil/water separator should be plumbed on a 2004 fuso? Seems simple, but this is just not my thing. Thanks.
  19. GR8ADV

    Atw bump stop rear wheel clearance.

    Can someone tell me how much clearance I need above the rear wheel with the atw suspension such that I will not have clearance problems. Or, put another way, what is the total height the rear wheel will lift after complete compression of the bump stop. I need to make sure I have proper...