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  1. Teardropper

    The last hoo-raw for 2020?

    Well... maybe. There's snow on the Great Divide. Where? Idaho. Tony
  2. Teardropper

    CNC Teardrop Cutting Files

    I've been working on CNC files based on last summer's build. Here's a great way to wear out a perfectly good pen while test driving a file: The files are limited to the skeleton pieces, exterior skins, hatch ends, galley lip, and roof blocking. Even though the profile is or a 126" long...
  3. Teardropper

    Another two-nighter with Burning Woman

    A fine trip in the middle of nowhere. (y) Tony
  4. Teardropper

    Teardrop Bike Rack

    I cranked it out today. It's a highly modified Swagman Current bike rack. It's held in place with a hitch pin. The yellow lever allows it to be dropped down for access to the tongue box. My concern was crabbing clearance with the tow vehicle in a tight-backing maneuver but it's fine...
  5. Teardropper

    Cooking with gas... (eye candy)

    It was a fine but cool morning... (y) Tony
  6. Teardropper

    Eighteen months in the making... here's the book: Building a Teardrop Trailer: Plans and Methods for Crafting an Heirloom Camper

    A long-term project that I'm quite pleased with. I have watched so many teardrop builders struggle (which is probably just part of the process). I hope this takes some of the angst out of creating one of these remarkable campers. 192 pages, 221 photos and 31 pencil biting chapters...
  7. Teardropper

    The truth about most RV's.

    As someone else said, we all knew this.
  8. Teardropper

    Teardrop #4

    Here we go (again). It's all .120 2" tube. Here's the removeable coupler: No more leaving the teardrop in camp and wondering how hard it would be to defeat the coupler lock. Here's what she'll look like: The skeleton's are nearly finished: (y) T