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  1. grahamfitter

    SOLD Edgestar 43qt Fridge in Denver

    No more finding ice while camping!! This Edgestar 43qt chest fridge is in fine working condition, clean inside and a few scuffs outside. It runs on both 12V DC and 120V AC, has easy to use digital control panel with temperature display. See...
  2. grahamfitter

    Autohome Overcamp Roof Top Tent in Denver

    $950, located in Denver This 2008 Autohome Overcamp Roof Top Tent is ready for its next adventure! The tent is in good used condition, everything works fine. There are some minor stains on the fabric and a small hole close to the bottom of an end wall. This is repairable or you could just tape...
  3. grahamfitter

    4 Cyl 5 Speed Tacoma: Has anybody regretted getting 265/75R16 tires?

    I'm going to get Duratracs for a 2015 4 cylinder 5 speed extended cab Tacoma. No mods except a cap on the back, I'm trying to keep it light. I'd prefer 265/75R16 size to the stock 245/75R16 but I'm concerned about gearing. I'm currently in Colorado and the truck already needs third gear to make...
  4. grahamfitter

    Congo Cage Roof Rack for 2004-2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ in Lowell, Mass.

    $250 This roof rack fits the long wheelbase Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (LJ model) made between 2004 and 2006 and works with both hard top and soft top. It includes crossbars that can be used to attach ladders, kayaks etc. The rack mounts to the front door hinges and rear lights and includes all...
  5. grahamfitter

    River Trip on Rio Marañon in Peru

    Hi all, I haven't been around here in a while but I figured some of you might be interested in seeing some pictures from a recent kayak and raft trip down the Rio Marañon in Peru. This is, by flow anyway, the primary tributary of the Amazon and is in a canyon deeper and longer than the Grand...
  6. grahamfitter

    Congo Cage Roof Rack for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ in Lowell, Mass.

    This roof rack fits the two door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (LJ Model). $350. Very beefy. Works with both hard top and soft top. Includes crossbars and all mounting hardware. Located in Lowell, Mass. 01851 Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks for looking!
  7. grahamfitter

    **SOLD** 2008 KLR 650 in Lowell, Mass.

    2008 KLR 650 with 32K Miles. $3300. Bike is Located in Lowell, Mass. **SOLD** The Good 685 kit uses no oil and has lots of torque, Sargent seat, heated grips, engine guards, skid plate, GIVI luggage. Tires in good shape, new chain and sprockets. Stock tool kit, Clymer shop manual, spare...
  8. grahamfitter

    **SOLD** Unused 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ Soft Top in Lowell, Mass.

    **SOLD** Complete soft top assembly for 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ in Khaki. Still in boxes and never installed on vehicle. Soft top is in Lowell, Mass. 01851. $750 Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks for looking!
  9. grahamfitter

    Pictures of people taking pictures

    Whimsy, pure whimsy. Lets start in Paris (it was a work trip, really)...
  10. grahamfitter

    LJ Transfer Case Shifter Mechanism Woes

    This is really ticking me off and I'm fed up with lying in the dirt wrestling a stupidly designed rod back into a bracket. The manual transfer case shifter in my LJ routinely fails to shift because one end of a rod pops out of a bracket attached to the transfer case, leaving the lever unusable...
  11. grahamfitter

    Peru Overland By Bus Summer 2012

    Its usual on this forum to read accounts from folks who have visited exotic places using vehicles that they have procured, modified and outfitted for the task. If you look hard enough you'll even find a couple of my accounts of such travels, generally involving much mechanical expense. This...
  12. grahamfitter

    How much tablet or netbook RAM do you need to view 16MP raw and JPEG images?

    Here's the background to the question... I'm looking for a netbook or tablet for a trip this summer. Small and light is important because everything I take will fit comfortably in a ~30L daypack that I'm going to be carrying pretty much everywhere I go. Cheap is important, too: as close to $200...
  13. grahamfitter

    We've got one way airplane tickets for the end of the world

    We're flying to Cancun on 12/12/12! Three of the four outbound tickets were paid for by airmiles so I wanted to get them booked early. We haven't got return tickets yet so, for the time being at least, we can joke about flying one way to witness the end of the world! I'm not sure about our level...
  14. grahamfitter

    Pedal Mates Pedal Extenders in Lowell, Mass

    **SOLD** Pedal Mates Pedal Extenders in Lowell, Mass **SOLD** Gas, brake and clutch pedal extenders in great condition. Extenders allow short drivers to comfortably use the pedals while sitting a safe distance from the steering wheel. They will adjust to fit any vehicle and have been used for a...
  15. grahamfitter

    Confess your glove fetish here

    I'll start...
  16. grahamfitter

    New Zealand Sleeper Van

    We rented one of these converted minivan "sleeper vans" for three weeks on a kayaking trip in New Zealand a while back. No 4wd but great use of space and, while basic, very functional and good value. It had some features that may be useful for the home brewer: The tailgate doubles as a tent...
  17. grahamfitter

    Need help choosing a smaller camera than my DSLR

    I've been using a Nikon D70s for quite a while and it does everything reasonably well even with the slow kit lens. The only disadvantage is the camera is simply too bulky. The only time its convenient is when its close at hand in the car and when I'm on foot it usually gets left behind because...
  18. grahamfitter

    Do I Feel Lucky? The "Ooh, That Could Have Been Nasty" Thread

    Harry Callahan: I know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask...
  19. grahamfitter

    Oil Pump Failed and Destroyed 2005 Wrangler Engine

    The oil pump of my 2005 Wrangler (72000 miles) failed suddenly, destroying the engine in the process. Since the vehicle is not under warrantee this turned out to be a very expensive fix. This is just a couple of months after replacing the manual transmission that wouldn't go backwards. Much as I...
  20. grahamfitter

    Newfoundland 2011: One Big Dog

    We’re back and this is our story...