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  1. jgatliff

    Tilting fridge slide for National Luna 90L

    Hello everyone, I’d like to install a tilting or drop down fridge slide for my National Luna 90L fridge. I would be mounting the slide to my Decked drawers in the back of my Tundra (in my camper shell). Does anyone have any slide recommendations? I was seriously considering the Alucab but it...
  2. jgatliff

    Southern Style Off Road Roof Rack for 4Runner

    Hello, I am considering getting a SSOR Roof Rack for my 4Runner. I was wondering if anyone here is using one as I am curious about awning mounts and kayak mounts. I really need to be able to carry two kayaks on it. Currently I am using Yakima Jay Low kayak carriers on the stock rack and it works...
  3. jgatliff

    Charcoal storage bag

    Do any of you know of a bag to hold charcoal for camping? Drifta makes a neat one but it’s not available in the US. thank you, Jason
  4. jgatliff

    Winnerwell Fastfold Oven

    Does anyone here have any experience with the Winnerwell Fastfold oven? It looks a little beefier than the Coleman ovens. I wonder if it would be OK to use on a Partner Steel stove. JG
  5. jgatliff

    Shower floor

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a shower floor? Our new shower tent is 40x40 and I’d like to find something around 36x36 to go in it. But I’ve not had much looking. I wanted to order one of those cool roll up teak mats from expedition ops but it looks like that company went out of business.
  6. jgatliff

    TetonX Hybrid

    We took delivery of our TetonX Hybrid a little over a week ago and so far, we love it! We opted for most of the options available including a ton of solar and a 12 volt A/C. Once we received it we immediately (less than an hour and a half after it was delivered) set out for Virginia to camp in...
  7. jgatliff

    Climateright - Buyer Beware

    Hello Everyone, In May of 2017 I took delivery of a trailer from Hiker Trailer in Indiana. One of the options I selected for the trailer was the Climateright CR5000ACH air conditioner. From June of 2017 until September of 2018 it worked well. Earlier this month I took my trailer camping in...
  8. jgatliff

    Eezi-Awn XKLUSIV 2200 Tent Nashville, Tennessee

    Hello Everyone, I have an Eezi-Awn XKLUSIV 2200 tent (with annex). The tent was purchased new from Equipt in March of 2016, it was shipped to OK4WD where it was mounted to my XVenture XV2, which I took delivery of in May of 2016. More information about the tent is available at...
  9. jgatliff

    Alu-Cab Explorer Canopy for short bed Tacoma

    This canopy was purchased new in September of 2017 and was installed on my 2015 Tacoma, I traded the Tacoma in February of 2018, so it was only on the truck a little under six months. The canopy is black and has the load bars. Asking $2700 but open to reasonable offers. Unfortunately I do not...
  10. jgatliff

    Alu-Cab Explorer Canopy for Shortbed Tacoma

    This canopy was purchased new in September of 2017 and was installed on my 2015 Tacoma, I traded the Tacoma in February of 2018, so it was only on the truck a little under six months. The canopy is black and has the load bars. Asking $3000 but open to reasonable offers. Unfortunately I do not...
  11. jgatliff

    RAM mounts for 5th gen T4R

    Does anyone know of an easy way to utilize ram mounts in the 5th gen? I’d like to mount my iPad mini, phone, to pro and a few other things. In my 15 taco I had the Bird Dawg a tech Deck and I see that you can get the TPAM mount for 3rd gen tacos. But I haven’t found a solution for 5th gen...
  12. jgatliff

    For Sale 2015 XVenture XV-2, fully loaded, Nashville, Tennessee, $20,000

    Hello Everyone, I have decided to sell my XV2. I ordered it from OK4WD in October of 2015 and took delivery of it in May of 2016 (there was a delay in getting my RTT). The trailer has lots of upgrades: Gray vinyl wrap to match Toyota Magnetic gray metallic (not an exact match but close) Gas...
  13. jgatliff

    New Project - 4Runner

    Hello everyone, Well I traded our 2015 Tacoma for a 2018 4Runner! Now to build it up. It's a TRD off road premium, in Toyota's most awesome color, magnetic gray metallic and it came with the TRD pro wheels and skid plate. To do (in no particular order): Raingler Cargo divider Lift Upgrade...
  14. jgatliff

    SOLD Maggiolina Grand Tour Medium

    I bought this used from another member here in 2015, it's been used about 6-10 nights a year since then. The pillows that come with it have never been slept on. It's in good condition. Comes with the anti condensation mat, winter hood, awning, and 2 sets of mounting hardware. To my knowledge...
  15. jgatliff

    Elevate Grill

    Take a look at this grill I found recently. It looks pretty neat. It looks like a great addition to our camp kitchen and I am thinking seriously of purchasing one. What do you all think?
  16. jgatliff

    Eeziawn or Howling Moon, Tepui or CVT

    i am in need of some advice. I am looking for a larger RTT for my wife and I and our one year old daughter to use camping. According to my research howling moon or eeziawn are probably the best RTTs on the market. But which one is better? Are they worth the higher cost over Tepui or CVT? Thank...
  17. jgatliff

    UWS 60" wedged/notched black toolchest FSOT

    I'm selling my 60" UWS black utility chest. It is wedged and notched for full sized trucks with short beds. It was in my tundra with 5-1/2' bed. It was in the truck for less than a year, under a camper shell. I also used a strap to hold it in place so it has no holes drilled into it. It is in...
  18. jgatliff

    Tacoma with Frontrunner Outfitters Slimline II Rack Question

    Does anyone here have a Tacoma Double Cab with the Front Runner Slimline II rack installed on the cab using their hardware? If so could you give me the measurement from the top of the bed rail to the top of the rack? I am speaking to some local places about having a custom bed rack made and my...
  19. jgatliff

    WTB Maggiolina RTT

    Hello, I am looking for a Maggiolina roof top tent for camping. I live outside of Nashville and would be willing to drive around 5 hours to meet someone to pick one up. Looking for one in pretty decent condition that I don't have to do too much work to. Thank you, Jason
  20. jgatliff

    Need Bed rack advice

    The next thing I plan to do to my 2015 DC short bed is to add a rack to haul my rtt and kayaks. I want to get one tall enough to clear my roof since my rtt is longer than my bed. What do you all suggest? I am leaning towards the all pro expedition rack, but I am open to suggestions. Jason