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  1. yetixj97

    Mortonm's 2001 Xterra Build

    Awesome thread. Just got my 2001 X earlier this past week. I'm in love with it. I actually went on a trail ride with vonguido before in both our jeepin days! His is the red one, mine is the white one. This is my new to me Xterra. I love it so much!
  2. yetixj97

    1st Gen Xterra Dual Battery Install

    Replying to follow. Interested in doing the same with my 1st Gen as well. I've thought about doing a cowl air intake/snorkel and placing the battery where the air box is, then using a small solar panel as a maintainer for it. It would only be used for small things like phone, GPS, and other...
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  4. yetixj97

    XJ engine oil cooler install

    Do you have pics of your intake? The way it looks is like a cowl intake? If so what all did you use to do it?
  5. yetixj97

    OverlandXJ 2000 Jeep XJ build thread

    Thanks! So glad you got a thread for your rig! Follow you on Instagram and love seeing your pics. I want my xj build close to how yours is done.