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    Help us design a camp vehicle.

    Hello all, I have been on this site for years searching out the meaning of life. I have found it within the pages of the website and although I am converted to see the light and want to quit my job and sell all my possessions and live out of our camper for the rest of my life; my wife and four...
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    1976 Chevrolet Blazer Chalet (Utah)

    This is not mine. (I wish it were) I know that there is alot of people who want one of these. As the ad says this one could use some work but hey this gives someone a chance to build exactly what they want. I can go inspect it if someone is interested enough (it is about 2 hours away from me)...
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    Advice Wanted (Warning Long Post)

    Hello all, I know most of you will see this as pointless rambling but I do have a method to my madness. I won't bore you with past history of our expedition trial and error lessons. Suffice it to say we have been camping since before we got married, spent our honeymoon camping in Montana out of...
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    Automatic tranny help

    Hi all, I am pretty new to automatic transmissions. I need advice on a torque converter. I also need to know how to tell what tranny I have. :confused: I just traded my 1992 ford superduty 2 wheel drive that I was going to convert to 4-wheel drive for a 1991 suburban. I did some research on it...
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    New Battery Thread

    Hi All, I know this has been discussed a little in another thread but I didn't want to take over that thread for my specific problem and I hate to hijack a thread. I am seeking out real world experience and advice on batteries. I have narrowed it down to a two batteries companies that I am...
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    First Post

    Hi all, This is our first post (hopefully not our last) I didn't see where to do an introduction and seeing that this is the part of the forum that we plan on asking most of our questions we thought we would introduce ourselves here. We are a family of 6. Mom and Dad came up with this brilliant...