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    What leafs are recommended

    I went with the 5 leaf pack on my 04 Tacoma double cab, and I also had the Billie 5100 all the way around. It was a real smooth ride and only lifted it about. 2" in the rear. These leaf packs are built by Alcan.
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    Stolen Tacoma 4x4 *********************

    I had my 03 Tacoma Doublecab stolen from my driveway last February, after I did a few mods to it. I never got it back, but a good note is these trucks hold their value quite well and I got a pretty good payout from the insurance company. On the insurance claim form I listed everything I did to...
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    Quick! Tire question!

    I have an 03 DC Tacoma and recently put Falkan Rocky Mountain tires on it, which are load range E, the ride has been decent. They told me at the tire place to keep the pressure up to around 45lbs for driving onroad because with any lower pressure they would ride rough since the side walls are so...
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    Opionions of Wheeler's HD front and rear springs?

    I bought Wheelers 5 leaf pack last year for my 04 Tacoma double cab and OME 881 coils for the front with Bilstein 5100's all the way around and it was a great improvement over stock. It was a smooth ride even with a load in the bed. I would recommend them. Unfortunately 5 months after I did this...
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    HADDIX'S-03 Tacoma DoubleCab Build

    skid and bellypan Do you have the front skid and bellypan that you made mounted on your truck yet. If so I would like to see some pictures. I have the identical truck as yours and am interested in the skid and bellypan, but would first like to see them on a vehicle. Do you sell these with the...