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    Scepter 20L MFC tan

    I still have some 20L scepter military fuel cans at auction. I ended up with more than I need. These are stenciled for diesel use (see photo) but other than that are like new. I don't think they have every held any fuel. There is no residue and smell like new inside. $80 shipped. PM...
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    1983 Land Rover series III 109 on SF craigslist

    Not mine. Don't know the seller. Just caught my eye.
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    Need help with Acutemp Ax56l

    I purchased an non-working Acutemp Ax56l. These are the military blood freezer / refrigerators in the hardigg type case. The batteries were pulled, but unfortunately the wiring harness was also disconnected from the power supply. The control board was also removed. I have re installed the...
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    Wavian 20L source

    Just thought I would share where I found some new Wavian NATO fuel cans. I ordered 2 and a spout and they were just delivered yesterday no fuss.
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    Tire decision block!

    Hi all, My LR3 has the stock 19" and I use it as a daily driver. When I put the current tires on I bought more road oriented ones. The plan was to later get a set of used, stock 18's and put dedicated offroad tires on them, swapping back and forth as needed. Now is the time to pull the...
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    LR3 coolant leak question

    Hi all, Just want to run something by the collective wisdom to see if it sounds right. My 06' LR3 is in for its 105k. The car is new to me. Rover indie mechanic called because he found a crack and drip level leak in the coolant "manifold" which is apparently made of plastic? He says it is...
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    Not mine, 1963 Land Rover 88 on craigslist

    I was perusing craigslist and this caught my eye so I thought I would share. Luckily I have no time to go look at it, and no idea if that price is even in the right price ballpark. Hopefully those two things will keep me from considering anything foolish :) Were the koneig pto winches the ad...