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    Help me narrow it down: retail trailer edition
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    Help me narrow it down: retail trailer edition

    OP, if you encounter any true end user reviews of Trailmarker, I'd love to see them. So far, I've only been able to find somewhat canned reviews.
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    Colorado Elk Hunting AAR | 4th gen 4runner, Gear, recovery, tires, ect

    Hi team, happy to contribute some information to the board after all the knowledge I've gained! I just returned from 6 days driving and hunting in the White River National forest near Meeker Colorado. We covered elevations between 6,000 and 10,500 feet on forest service trails. You can see...
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    Java's 4th gen Runner

    Thanks for the response. Good to know the rola can hold up to the weight. I have the angle iron mounts on mine, just need to get the rack welded together. Thanks!
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    Java's 4th gen Runner

    My Rola is mounted like yours, much nicer that way. Can you detail what welding you did to your rack? Just where each half meets or other welds? I was under the impression that the stock side rails have limited capacity, any problems when using the rtt? How did you attach the rtt to the Rola...