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  1. bikerjosh

    1999 Jeep -Custom Cherokee-Comanche or pre-gladiator build

    Pretty cool take on an custom jeep. No affiliation w/seller Jeep Cherokee 4door flatbed - $6500 image 1 of 7 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap 1999 jeep cherokee condition: excellent...
  2. bikerjosh

    Searching for source of fuel injection fusible link, blowing.

    Fuel Injection fusible link blowing? So while this happened a couple times over the last year and a half replacing the fusible link with a new 20amp would fix it. Today while running errands it blew again. Being about 5 miles from home and not having any links with me I pulled the 30A from...
  3. bikerjosh

    Diagram of what springs in valve body (trans)

    1998 Montero 3.5 with AT. Anyone have a valve body diagram or list of the OEM spring colors that go in the accumulators above the valve body? When I was under the car removing the valve body, three accumulators (#2,3,4) fell out on to the ground scattering the springs. Waiting for the two...
  4. bikerjosh

    Best practices for removing trans pan Gen 2-2.5 Montero?

    Removed all the bolts including theb3 hidden by the cross member and yoke. Not a whole lot of area(s) where you can get a putty knife between the pan and trans to split the two. Tried tapping on the pan all around with a dead blow mallet but didn't do anything. Not sure if I should just put a...
  5. bikerjosh

    Tundra gen 1, single piece fender flare cutting.

    Howdy all I have an 06 4 door with oem single piece front flares as opposed to the two piece seen on most tundras. Replacing the bumper with steel plate and looking for advice on cutting flares, best tool to use and what if anything did you do to the cut edge of the flare that remains u channel...
  6. bikerjosh

    ODB2 pin-out diagram

    Anyone have a pin out diagram/schematic of the OBD2 port on a 98 Montero? I know pins 4,5 are grounds, pin 16 is power but none of the other pins. Trying to diagnose a link failure error also no CEL in "on" position and no start on the motor. thanks Josh
  7. bikerjosh

    Montero died on the trail- electrical gremlins?

    Montero died on the trail, no warning about 15 miles from nearest pavement above 10k feet. Checked all fuses/relays in under-hood fuse box, battery cables, grounds, swapped out ECM with another 2.5 Montero and that checked out. Symptoms: 1. car will crank, but no start; 2. ultra-gauge...
  8. bikerjosh

    Rear outlet always on, looking for a thread

    Can someone point me in the direction for a thread on switching the rear outlet to always on? Wanted it to power a fridge on an upcoming trip when the Montero is off. Wondering if there is a way to do this w/out running a new dedicated from battery? I seem to remember someone on a different...
  9. bikerjosh

    Newer Delica on 101HWY

    Probably one of our neighbors in Canada on vacation making US mitsu fans jealous. :sombrero:
  10. bikerjosh

    4runner owners-Blipshift design Jan 5th

    If you know the site, then you know these are likely only available to order for the next 13 hours. Not affiliated, w/them. go to
  11. bikerjosh

    AC Compressor problem blowing stock fuses

    So my AC stopped working all of a sudden. Pressure of system looks good, but keeps blowing the standard fuse. Tried going to a 10 amp larger fuse and it will work (AC clutch engages) for a less than a minute and then blow the fuse. Obviously I don't want to keep upping the size of the fuse and...
  12. bikerjosh

    Accessories dead after break in, ideas??

    So after replacing a number of interior peices and rear sliding window damaged in break in I noticed that none the accessories run off my blue sea fuse box will turn on. So the plot thickens. I thought my work to repair my truck after the break in was limited to just replacing pieces that...
  13. bikerjosh

    welcome to the jungle; anyone reaplce a rear sliding window on a 2.5 gen ?

    So I park at our local subway(BART) station, actually parked on the street because the lots were full. Well, a fine upstanding citizen freed my montero from the rear passenger side sliding window and then proceeded to have his (or her, not making any judgments here) with my interior, couple...
  14. bikerjosh

    1992 Corolla all-trac wagon 5spd

    Not mine, but talked to the owner. Wagon has 200k, w/35k on rebuilt motor and transfer case. A little bit of rust but looks like surface only. No grinds in 2nd or 3rd. This was the last year that Toyota made this wagon, so it has the improved intake. 5spd awd, w/center locking diff. Awesome...
  15. bikerjosh

    Another valve seal question -smog due

    Yep, I know there are a lot of threads on replacing the seals but I'm under a time crunch. I've known that the time would come that I'd need to do this, but I just failed the visual inspection part of smog since the montero had smoke come out of the tail pipe after the tech rev'd it then let...
  16. bikerjosh

    Gen 2.5 fabricating transmission skid

    Wondering if the tabs that the engine skid plate mounts to at the rear of the plate are strong to mount a skid to, or should I incorporate a lip to go forward using the cross member for additional strength and use the tabs to keep it in place? The pattern I laid out would bridge the space...
  17. bikerjosh

    Trouble with new circuit/relay

    I have wired a bunch of new circuits through relays over the years for lights, horns, etc. I just ran a new circuit for an aux fan to cool a supplemental trans cooler and oil cooler at low speeds off road. I have tried numerous things to try and trouble shoot the circuit but still haven't...
  18. bikerjosh

    CV half shaft replacement, issue

    Ok, so after replacing the driver side front cv axle on my 98 Montero w/o drama I mentioned it to my buddy that has a 95 SR w/torn inner boots on both sides. On his we ended up replacing the lower balljoints as well since their boots were torn. After discovering that the place he ordered the...
  19. bikerjosh

    2.5 gen AC fan, what temp does it cycle on at?

    Ok, hopefully this is an easy question. While doing some maintenance on my Montero, I noticed that the AC (electric fan mounted to front of radiator versus the climate control fan) doesn't work, This fan besides turning on with AC, is supposed to come on when the engine temp get's to a certain...
  20. bikerjosh

    Coolant Flush Question

    I looked around the Mitsubishi forum but didn't see an answer. When replacing the coolant it would seem that about 35-40% stays in the block. Do folks usually pull the engine coolant drain plugs to empty the block (if so where are they located-looked in FSM but didn't see them callout), if not...