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  1. dwatsonkc

    Gransfor Brucks Sweden - AXE Review

    I found out about this axe on this webiste sometime back. It is very well built, and a good size. I purchased the Forest Axe. I didn't want one too small or too big. It was sharp as a knife when I pulled it out of the box. It even cut paper just like a good knife. I used it for about 4...
  2. dwatsonkc

    Quick Camera Review for travel

    I have owned many camera's and travel with a few all over the world. I would like to think that having great camera's mean you have great pictures, but mostly my pictures aren't that great... :) Thought I would post my review on a few camera's for travel. Here are my current camera's. I...
  3. dwatsonkc

    Snow Peak Addiction

    I bought the BBQ box first. It was such a great product, i'm working my way through the entire catalog.... If you have ever thought about buying a Snow Peak product you will not be disappointed. It all fits nicely in a Pelican 2750
  4. dwatsonkc

    MO / KS Trailer $300 No affiliation
  5. dwatsonkc

    My Trailer

    I bought this old trailer 2 months ago for $500. I'll post before pics soon. I love camping and fly fishing. If I use this trailer I plan on getting a At trailer, so i'm doing this on the cheap to see if I like using it. I think it's an old 40's Chevy PU bed?? I have a 9' long Outcast kick...