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  1. morrisdl

    Discos going Solar.

    Very interested in this! Thinking I might charge an electric mountain bike charged with solar
  2. morrisdl

    New Defender News

    The +2" "harsh ride" of LR3/LR4 was not due to increased air pressure in the springs - that's a myth. In fact there is no more pressure in the raised strut, just more volume of air. You only get more air pressure when you add weight to the truck. The "harsh ride" is due to the new control...
  3. morrisdl

    LR3 and LR4 Brake Life

    @nwoods This is definitely worse case driving....and that was on the smaller v6 brakes rotors if memory serves me. Good to see you back around here lately. Getting back in the LR ?family? On OEM v8 brakes: I got 35-37k on pads, 65k miles on rotors. Use: typical rural mixed driving, w/32"...
  4. morrisdl

    Land Rover LR4 Stock Tire Sizes

    I would +1 everything @Victory_Overland said; "Best mod ever" and "If I ever upgraded to LR4..." Just to be little clearer: Not the LR3 North American gasoline "V6 brakes". 17" rims requires Disco3 TDv6 brake rotors and caliper hangers sourced from ROW.
  5. morrisdl

    Save The Rovers

    Defender2 totaled on its 1st tank of fuel (<100 miles on the odo): Sad to see them go so young!
  6. morrisdl

    Hood Mounted Solar!! me thinking it might be a great way to charge a hitch mounted electric dirtbike/mt Bike
  7. morrisdl

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Glad you are ok...that might buff out ;-)
  8. morrisdl

    Out with the Cruiser in with the Rover

    Thanks! Yes - confirmed with Google that d5 does have optional 2 speed TC and up to 2 locking diffs:
  9. morrisdl

    Out with the Cruiser in with the Rover

    WOW - didnt know that Disco5 didnt have low range and has a clutched AWD. Yikes.
  10. morrisdl

    Help; expedition rack on LR3 missing mounting hardware. Any alternatives tried.

    I have the expo rack and missing the plastic front feet trim. I suspect the OEM extended roof rails might work. Just make sure you get stainless hardware.
  11. morrisdl

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Land Rover OEM LR4 bumper: VPLAY0079 Never seen one in North America. Looks better in black that chrome! X-Ref:
  12. morrisdl

    GAP IID Tool Guided Suspension Calibration issue

    If you dont want to learn, you can always pay people that were willing to. I prefer the EAS and its advantages over coils: auto load leveling, adjustable height, Axle-Cross-link articulation, etc If you value simple over these, go with coils. Nothing wrong with coils.
  13. morrisdl

    GAP IID Tool Guided Suspension Calibration issue

    Sasquatch Rods i think...Mine are about 10+ years old and still working well. More durable than OEM for sure. I dont use them for lift, I only use mine to re-center the height sensors at about 175 calibration. The sensor's limits are 150 to 250. The range of usability is limited by...
  14. morrisdl

    GAP tool Suspension lifting?

    Posted on the other thread the IIDtool menu should help. You dont just have short rods, you have adjustable rods! I used mine to recenter the height sensors and get more range of motion without fault, but thats a discussion for later.
  15. morrisdl

    GAP IID Tool Guided Suspension Calibration issue

    TexasTJ - I am so confused by your post...why have lift rods to "drive in access (+2) mode with no rubbing"? That is +2 inches and -2 inches so essentially OEM stock height. If stock height doenst rub, why do you need short rods at all? Unless you are just trying to drive in +2" 100% of the...
  16. morrisdl

    Alpha Equipt Wheels for LR4

    Wish I did this years ago...Disco3 TDv6 smaller brakes, BMW X5 17" wheels, and 33" BFG KM3s (LT285/70r17). >> Less suspension lift = more wheels on the ground >> More sidewall = less flats >> Lower PSI = Better ride on & off road >> BMW wheels little more offset = no rubbin without spacers...
  17. morrisdl

    GAP IID Tool Guided Suspension Calibration issue

    Interesting. I just ordered an IDDTool BT from L8. An upgrade from my EASControl which has been flawless for 10 years. Hopefully have it and a new set of height sensors in a couple days to test. My truck literally only complains (red faults) on the hi-way (any road really >30mph)...
  18. morrisdl

    GAP IID Tool Guided Suspension Calibration issue

    What are you current height and calibration readings? Do you have any other suspension problems?
  19. morrisdl

    Lift rods vs GAP?

    275/70r17 (33"x11.5") BFG KM3s, BMW X5 rims, GAP IIDtool, adj rods, and TDv6 brakes is a great combo. Stock on the street and +1"/25mm here:
  20. morrisdl

    LR4 Johnson Rods + Alignment = Uneven Tire Wear. How Fix?

    BTW - I have left my GAP EAS_control plugged to my LR3 com port since Dec 2013. No problems here.