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  1. donaldcon

    Potts mountain jeep trail and more

    We are leaving this afternoon from Lancaster Ohio and heading to the Potts Mountain Jeep Trail in Covington va. Why Interstate it is around a five-hour drive but we are of course taking the slightly more scenic route. Not really doing any off-roading on the way down but we are stopping and...
  2. donaldcon

    (ohio) 2000 Nissan Frontier crew cab

    Selling a 2000 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4x4. v6 auto, with manual locking hubs. Truck has 234000+ miles and is driven daily so that will increase. Engine runs great, transmission shifts smooth. 4x4 works. Body is very rough, it is rusty, has several large dents. Has no major mechanical issues i...
  3. donaldcon

    Aerostar 4x4 van

    95 aerostar electronic 4x4 extended van. 4.0 v6 auto trans. Not going to get real crazy but plan is to a manual.shift case with low range. Couple of inches of life and some mini mud tires. The rest will be a build as I go deal. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  4. donaldcon

    97 tracker (ohio)

    selling my 97 geo tracker 4x4. tracker has a 16 valve 4 cylinder with 5 speed transmission. it has A 2 inch lift kit with brand new 235 75 15 mud tires. this vehicle has been used in the woods and the body reflects that it has some dents scratches and some dirt on it. the soft top in very good...
  5. donaldcon

    Parting 86 montero. Ohio

    Will sell whole $250 It's rough, it's rusty and it has no title. But it runs. 5 speed trans. Trans shifter is broke so I can't shift out of 1st but it drives in 1st. Not much interior or bodywise worth much. But will sell if it is. Engine trans and tcase complete, $200 obo. Drive...
  6. donaldcon

    Subaru brat

    I picked this beauty up a few weeks ago on an impulse buy. Its an 85 Brat, has the 1.8 with 240,000 miles and a 4 speed with low range 4x4. It runs and it lot drives. engine doesnt sound real healthy but so far it hasnt failed to start and it isnt knockingg, though it does rattle a good bit...
  7. donaldcon

    1985 subaru brat (ohio)

    1985 Subaru brat. $1200 I purchased this Subaru a few days aho and I probably shouldn't have so now that I'm having buyer's remorse already I'm relisting it on here. what I know about it. it came from Idaho so it is virtually rust-free other than surface rust however it has 230,000 miles on it...
  8. donaldcon

    Kia sorento

    I know it's a long shot but any other kia owners here? I have a lifted 03 sorento I've daily drive and offroad. Can't post a photo yet becuase this is my first post apparently. I'll post as soon as I am able I just signed up for this form via tapatalk but I know a few other users here and...