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    Ford Econoline Van/Bus - $19k

    Looks nice for a solo traveler. The problem with all the buses or shuttle buses I see is no passenger seat. Also, I would like the back door to be able to open as a garage area or just fresh air. My bet is the lift is a body lift, but it doesn't say.
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    2000 Ford F450 4x4 Ambulance 7.3 L

    That is what I thought too.
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    2005 F550, singlecab, 4x4, 12' habitat, diesel, auto, 218k, (Craigslist), $13k Southern OR

    Good find. Too bad it is a 6.0 and way across the country from me. The price is right, just add a pass through, RV door, insulation and go from there. Any ideas how this would do off road? I don’t imagine it has a torsion free subframe. If anyone contact s them please update here.
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    C4500 & C5500 Kodiak/Topkick, 4x4,diesel, allison, 30+ on trucktrader

    1st removed. Price drop $3000 on crew cab in FL, 2nd and 3rd to last removed. Lots of options still
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    2006 Chevrolet C4500 Kodiak Duramax · 4x4 Crew Cab $32,000

    Price drop to $28k. Only 6 hours from my house. Pull the bed and add a composite box. Mmmm. How far can a TC box sit past the frame rails?
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    2005 C4500 Kodiak, 4x4, flatbed, diesel, allison, 157k, (Craigslist) $18k, TX

    Price drop $17,000k. Kinda makes my 2wd post look silly. This is only 20 hours from my house. Anyone know a diesel mechanic near Kernville, TX to check this out? (Still have to get wife’s permission). So far that makes 7 kodiak 4x4’s active on Craigslist.
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    C4500 cutaway 2wd $14,000 Middlebury, IN Facebook

    No relation to seller. Ihope this link works. Not sure if this is the place to post, let me know if it isn’t. I would like advice on buying a c4500 2wd to save initial investment with plan on an immediate DIY camper composite box and...
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    2005 C4500 Kodiak, 4x4, utility, diesel, allison, 122k, (Craigslist) $28k, WA

    Would your 12 foot total composite box fit on this truck? Also forgive my ignorance, how do these trucks do on the highway for cross country travel? Is there a way to cruse at 80 mph with super singles or would I be better leaving the DRW? How much (ball park) would it be to convert to super...
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    Ford Transit Cab Chassis with Composite Camper

    Love the build keep the pictures and updates coming. A few questions for now. 1. Would the roof be strong enough for two (or more) people (200 lbs each) to ‘hang out’ on? Sit in folding chairs? Sleep? Slow dance? Photography? Would there be a limit to the number of solar panels because of...
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    Ford Transit Cab Chassis with Composite Camper

    Great build, and thanks for all the posts. A few questions. Where is the shower head and plumbing for/in the wet bath? I don’t see it in any of the pictures. What kind of price jump would we be talking about to make the cab over an adult size for two (Queen or king) bed and increase the...
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    2005 GMC C5500 Topkick 4x4, Boxtruck. $61,000

    Just called and someone put a deposit on it Saturday. They are supposed to pick it up in 2 and a half weeks. I left my number just in case.
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    2005 GMC C5500 Topkick 4x4, Boxtruck. $61,000

    Thanks for the info Mog. NevadaRV, do you know the weight of the vehicle? I see the GVWR is 19,500 pounds. I know Mog said I won’t have to worry about weight, but I would like the option to tow my parents 7,000 pound boat. I see that the GVCWR is 26,000 pounds, so it should no problem. I just...
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    2005 GMC C5500 Topkick 4x4, Boxtruck. $61,000

    I’m interested in this, how do I convince my wife it will make a great RV? Give me your good and ugly opinions. I don’t know much about the top kick. Just read a little article and Tom’s Lostbox build. Looks like an ambulance with just a little longer box that you can actually stand in but no...