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    New rig to start building

    So just bought me a new toy. 91 Bronco eddie bauer edition. Sold the Xterra (already miss it but time for something new). Will be slower than the Xterra build most likely bc now i am married ha. Well on to the pictures. Day i bought it (steps have now been pulled off): First mod.... not done...
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    added some bed liner

    too many rock chips so problem solved: not 100 % straight but im ok with it. what ya think?
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    question about a montero sport

    Hello... dont own a montero but the fiancee does. was just noticing the other day that she has a button that is labeled "a/t mode." hers is not 4x4 so just wondering what this is..... nissan guy here... just joined today.
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    New to the forum

    Heres my x. just figured id pop in to say hey.