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  1. alex_the_axe

    No Longer For Sale | Off-Road Trailer with Tepui RTT

    It's still available, but I'm in no hurry. I've been thinking I'll keep it, but offers are welcome.
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    Super Pacific - New Wedge Camper

    I was able to go by Super Pacific yesterday and check out some in process canopies. The design in these is flat-out impressive. The guys there are very excited with their product and I think they should be. It'll be very cool to see how these continue to evolve.
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    Storage Bin help

    These are the most likely the latches too: Turn Latch @ McMaster
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    No Longer For Sale | Off-Road Trailer with Tepui RTT

    Gauging interest. Located in Washougal, Washington Trailer - Trail Tested Mfg - empty weight approx 550lbs -Stored in the garage since he got it -Hinged Lid with Rack for RTT/etc -Tongue box -Leaf sprung 3500 lb axle -Powdercoated steel frame with 2" receiver out back for bike rack/etc...
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    New camper build on F550

    It looks like one of these: Gas Powered 3-Stage Pedestal. You can also source from WestMarine.
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    *Off the Market* 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 LWB SRW 5.9 Cummins w/ G56 6-speed Manual

    Very nice truck and build. Good luck with your sale! I have a similar 06 and it has been one of my favorite vehicles that I've owned.
  7. alex_the_axe

    Hard-Sided Pop-Up Camper by Hiatus Campers

    That's an important point to consider. I'll let Hiatus owners/users speak to that. I do know that I already spend a bit of time tucking corners in on my FWC before latching the roof down with zero wind. It's even worse with wind.
  8. alex_the_axe

    Hard-Sided Pop-Up Camper by Hiatus Campers

    I don't think those are necessarily apple to apple comparisons. I'll throw in my two cents as an owner of a vintage FWC weighing replacement options. I live on the wet side of the Cascades and have owned my camper for about 3 years. My Grandby is a '99/'00 which means it was built by the guys at...
  9. alex_the_axe

    Hard-Sided Pop-Up Camper by Hiatus Campers

    They just posted a sneak peak of their first full-size build on Instagram. It looks very nice. I believe the owner of that truck posted earlier in this thread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Camper Build - THE OVERL[h]ANDER

    Looking forward to following this build. I'm dreaming of doing a similar build for my '06 in a few years.
  11. alex_the_axe

    Securing fwc

    I'm sorry to see the damage you sustained there. I recommend you also add some bumpers to the front of that camper. I have a circa 1999 FWC I purchased used. Off-road it wanted to slowly migrate around the bed before I added the bumpers and the torklift turnbuckles. I also did a spray on...