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  1. dwatsonkc

    Snow Peak Addiction

    and more, Take the kids camping.....
  2. dwatsonkc

    Snow Peak Addiction

    More pics
  3. dwatsonkc

    Snow Peak Addiction

    Addictions never stop...... almost waited to post something next spring as I started this thread 9+ Years ago... crazy. I have upgraded the Snow Peak storage container to a conqueror trailer. Over the years I have added to my Snow Peak items. Getting ready for a couple trips so I spent...
  4. dwatsonkc

    Electric Chain Saw???

    I have 3 Stihl gas chain saws. A big fan of them. Have 30+ trees on my property so always needing to trim here and there. On a whim I bought the Stihl electric chain saw and hedge trimmer. First job I tried was cutting an entire tree down with the electric to see how it did. 8” trunk...
  5. dwatsonkc

    Snow Peak Addiction

    I have had a Hexa tarp for over a year. Every time I use it someone wants one. I know 3 people who have been waiting for them to get back in stock.
  6. dwatsonkc

    Snow Peak Cutting Board

    It's the best camping item I own.
  7. dwatsonkc

    Snow Peak Iron Grill Table

    sweet. you'll love it.
  8. dwatsonkc

    Quick Camera Review for travel

    yes, I have have 14 fly rods. I've tried to take a picture of them all together but just haven't been able to get a good picture...
  9. dwatsonkc

    Gransfor Brucks Sweden - AXE Review

    I found out about this axe on this webiste sometime back. It is very well built, and a good size. I purchased the Forest Axe. I didn't want one too small or too big. It was sharp as a knife when I pulled it out of the box. It even cut paper just like a good knife. I used it for about 4...
  10. dwatsonkc

    Quick Camera Review for travel

    Wow, how could I forget the camera that gets used the most..... My iPhone. Takes great pictures on the fly and I always have it with me.
  11. dwatsonkc

    Quick Camera Review for travel

    I have owned many camera's and travel with a few all over the world. I would like to think that having great camera's mean you have great pictures, but mostly my pictures aren't that great... :) Thought I would post my review on a few camera's for travel. Here are my current camera's. I...
  12. dwatsonkc

    RTT.. yet again..

    I've had my Camping lab tent on 5 trips. It's great. I did notice on my last trip to WY what we had a hard rain the canvas was wet. So wet, it was wet inside and the foam seemed to be damp. I bought a waterproof spray so we'll see how that works. Also, getting out at night to do your...
  13. dwatsonkc

    My Trailer

    Trailer was great. Encampment, WY area for over a week.
  14. dwatsonkc

    Snow Peak Addiction

    Good Use of my Snow Peak Equip.... Encampment, WY for 8 days
  15. dwatsonkc

    2 or 4 qt. Dutch Oven?

    I have a 6",8",10",12",14". Mostly Lodge. I cook mostly for 2 people and a 2yr old. The one I pull out of my dutch oven box is the cheapest 10" Cabela's brand one.... I use the 8" next as side dish. I have to downsize as 12" is the standard.
  16. dwatsonkc

    An Axe - Seriously?

    I have an axe mounted on my trailer. Took me forever to find the one with the right color handle. I never really plan to use it but it looks cool. hey, I admit it.....................
  17. dwatsonkc

    snow peak igt vs Drifta set up

    get both... they both have different advantages/disadvantages. the Snow Peak packs much smaller. but doesn't allow for any storage. I plan on a Kanz pantry to handle the storage issue.
  18. dwatsonkc

    Snow Peak Addiction

    I've read a few post's on other websites that mention an adjustable IGT table, and some outdoor furniture. Anyone know any details on new products? I'm in Kansas, always last to know what's going on.
  19. dwatsonkc

    If you could only carry one fly box....

    We need pics... My tailwater box. Scud's Midges and oddball creations. I have 12 fly boxes but this one get's used the most.
  20. dwatsonkc

    Snow Peak Addiction

    Love the idea. I've been thinking about a "pullout IGT table" on my trailer. Just pull the frame out and then insert what you need. (maybe 2) or... a fold up IGT table that folds into 4 sections that creates a box to hold some of the inserts.