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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    I’m fairy local to them and might check out out some of their vans. I will let you know if it seems like a professionally run operation.
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    2006 Chevrolet C4500 Kodiak Duramax · 4x4 Crew Cab $32,000
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    1993 Customized Ford Econoline Camper Van - $7,000 (Minneapolis)
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    1988 E350 Pathfinder 4x4 7.3 Ambulance, $5k, Minnesota

    No affiliation
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    2015 International Workstar 7400 4x4 Crew - $105000

    No Affiliation.
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    Are there any seatbelts in the back, or just the two up-front? Thanks

    Are there any seatbelts in the back, or just the two up-front? Thanks
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    Hi. I've been looking at your Sunrader. I am wondering if there is anything that needs work...

    Hi. I've been looking at your Sunrader. I am wondering if there is anything that needs work now and if you have any pictures of the chassis/underside? Was the engine rebuilt as a "normal" 1984 22r. I know there were different variants with carb vs. fuel injected, different power outputs...
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    2004 Pre-DEF Fuso 4x4 Rust Concerns

    How do you know they painted over rust? Is that rubber/tar coating peeling off? I would try to come up with a way to remove small sample sections of the coating, that does not remove potential intact paint underneath. Maybe steam or some type of soft scraper, like a copper blade. A...
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    Installing Rear Sway Bar, Hellwig #7085, on a 2004 Quigley Cutaway 4X4.

    Eblau, I love the Lacroix reference. I used to slam Cokes when I was working on cars, just keeps me going I guess. Now that I am middle-aged, 500 calories of pure crap has less appeal, so the sparkling water was out in force. I did consider the clocking, but was worried the mounts would...
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    Installing Rear Sway Bar, Hellwig #7085, on a 2004 Quigley Cutaway 4X4.

    I just finished installing a Hellwig rear sway bar on my 2004 Ford E350 Cutaway Quigley. Hellwig's instructions are nearly useless, their tech support was much better. Rant alert*** Hey automotive accessory companies, your instructions almost universally suck, did you make your diagrams with...
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    Need Welding Advice - Concerned About Quality

    I went to welding school and I am currently a sheet metal worker. I don't like what I see. I'm am not saying it is a lost cause, but it appears that whoever is doing the work is not skilled and is not paying any attention to detail. I would not accept the short pieces combined to make a...
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    Van floor tips, climate considerations?

    I bought tiles from They have all sorts of colors/patterns, thicknesses. The tiles are very easy to install or remove if they get wet. They provide some thermal and sound insulation. Much lighter than wood, and thin so you won't lose a much headroom They are not really...
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    Need US source for stabilizers (corner steady)

    These adjust in length, rather than pivot, I believe. Anyway, thought they may work for you. has a good selection, so look around there if my suggestion won't work.
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    Rear Leaf Spring?'s 2004 Quigley E350

    I did order the 4 leaf/+1 overload, 2775lbs set-up. Came from Rock Auto lighting fast. Next week I'll be installing them and also a rear sway bar from Hellwig. I'll post up how I like the results. The center pin is a nut and bolt, so I may keep a few leafs out of the original packs if I...
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    E350 Chinook Build

    Here is my similar vehicle in a color similar to the Jeep color you mentioned up-thread. Mine is Calvary Blue, a Toyota color used on FJ's and 4Runners. Just food for thought.
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    Importing an Australian made off-road trailer

    Good info. I do wonder what safety standards they are referring to? In MN, for example, you can register a homemade trailer, that undergoes no testing.
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    Rear Leaf Spring?'s 2004 Quigley E350

    Hi guys. I have decided to go with the cheap option and buy some non-custom rear leaf springs for my 2004 Quigley E350 van. I weighed my van and the rear axle comes in at 5,650lbs, 2,825 per spring. That is loaded up on a trip with full fuel. The cheap cheap spring choices are: -3 leaf/1...
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    Hand Winch worth it or no?

    Has anybody come up with a trifor style hand winch that uses synthetic rope? I have an ARB hand winch, I like it, but syn rope would be a really nice safety feature. You can't stand out of the danger area like with a remote controlled winch. The reduced weight and size compared to a coiled...
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    Millscale on Hot Rolled Steel - bike hauler/ general purpose trailer build

    I would "DA" or "vibe" that. "DA" stands for dual action, rotation and orbital action, basically an orbital palm sander. It is easy, cheap, quiet, effective. A DA is nice because it is a very forgiving power tool. You can catch an edge and it won't rip your hand off like a grinder, it is...
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    Raptor Liner on wood sides trailer not holding up? How can I fix it?

    You could look for a UV resistant FRP panel. That would be a cheap, easy and durable way to clad the trailer.