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    ARB Locker in FF Dana 60 (2wd)

    Since your in Vail here is someone you should consider to do the install. You want someone with a lot of experience to work on a differential. Crawlertech 4 x 4. They are located in Commerce City, north side of metro Denver. Joshua Loenstein is the owner. Their speciaity is hard core 4x4s...
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    Xpedition Camper out of Minnesota

    How are you going to insulate? What type? In first post you mention thermal breaks. With all of that aluminum where are they?
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    Does an adventure trailer like this exist?

    Did I miss anyone mentioning any problem with the tow jeep? A CJ-5 is a short wheel base. The V-8 might have the power but some of the trailers suggested might not work with that small a jeep.
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    Expo Trailer Build flatbed, rooftop tent, teardrop style kitchen box on back

    Unless I missed it you have a problem with the location of your propane tank. Is there a vent for the propane tank? Propane is a heaver gas so if you ever have a leak the gas will pool in the bottom of that compartment. Propane compartments need a vent at the bottom so the gas can escape. A...
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    Plasti-Dip interior of a canopy/shell/topper

    Joyce Fabrics is, I believe, is a chain of stores. I have I bought some headliner material from them. I don't remember the width but they stock it in rolls so you can buy whatever length you want. It has a foam backing. I would expect there are You Tube videos on installing or repairing...
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    My Matching Sport Trac Trailer

    To the extend the tongue and add weight low what about using a "A" frame design welded below the existing tongue frame. This will raise the old tongue. Use a 2 inch receiver tube in the middle. Easy to find pre built receiver tube with the support collar in several lengths up to a 48 inch...
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    Prepping an 04 LJ for a teen to go west for a month or so

    You might want to post exactly where "out west" he plans to go. Then he can have a list of people who could help him if needed. Also a list of off road shops/repair shops forum members are familiar with in case he needs repairs. I made a somewhat similar trip when I graduated from high school.
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    DIY cargo trunk door source, like Tuffy...

    Interesting post. I have wanted to find a storage compartment door or door and door frame for a trailer I am building. Some of the companies that build truck storage boxes say that they will give quotes on custom they might be willing to do a door and frame. One company I have been...
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    Need help sourcing a window

    Check 5 Star RV on old Brighton Road, just south of Brighton, CO, has a lot of salvage RV parts. But check new prices first because some of their prices seemed closer to new. Where you find one make sure you determine the shipping cost that can be a factor.
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    Google warm windows insulated system warmweb.warmcompany They show R-7.69
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    With you showing Denver which fabric store? There is a material called Warm Windows that is a multilayer material to provide insulation for both RVs and homes (think passive solar designs). I seem to recall they claimed R-7. Some fabric stores might carry it. You can pick the style of fabric...
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    service bed offroad trailer build

    Why are you notching all these pieces? Just have the basic trailer frame sit over the tongue A frame. The ends of the A arms in your picture look like you stopped them on the inside of the frame with a butt weld. Continue them to the outside of the frame and you have at least two welds since...
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    bigfish, where did you get the gear net that you show in that picture? Also how about a description of the "winter panels" that you plan to make. What kind of material will you use? Thank you.
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    Camping/hunting XJ build

    For future reference, a auto body seam sealer might be a better choice than bondo. Bondo might be more likely to crack. Seam sealer is designed to seal joints where panels are joined. 3M makes several types. Also Eastwood has some styles.
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    Best Paint for Bare Metal

    Be very careful about using brake cleaner if you might do any welding on the parts. Phosgene gas can be dangerous. Google Brake cleaner and welding. You can read several warnings about the problem. Acetone is one choice to use.
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    Aluminum Expo Trailer Build

    For future reference I just found similar latches on the McMaster-Carr web site. They are shown as Pull-Action Toggle Clamps.
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    Aluminum Expo Trailer Build

    Thank you for the follow up. That latch is similar to the latch on my Jeep's tire carrier. I was at a trailer parts and repair shop in Denver Wed but they did not carry that style.
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    Aluminum Expo Trailer Build

    Where did you get the latches that you are using to hold hold the storage trays?
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    Trailer Frame Tube vs C-Chanel

    "You are correct. But both brands have a thin plastic coating on them. You can put this coating off to get better adhesion to the insulation itself. The plastic film seals the pores of the insulation. By pulling it off you allow the glue to adhere to the pores of the foam itself." Capt Eddie...
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    Trailer Frame Tube vs C-Chanel

    If you want more strength to the frame continue the tongue as a backbone down the middle and under the cross members. Someone mentioned pulling the skin off the foam. That sounds like the wrong kind of foam. Foam with a skin may be beadboard, expanded polystyrene. Beadboard because of it's...