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    SOLD DeLorme inReach Explorer NEW

    This is the older model, right? I'm pretty sure this is not actually a Garmin product, but a precursor to it, right?
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    Old's Cool

    Sent you a PM.
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    Looking For Heavy Duty 4 Bike Hitch Mount Carrier Recs.

    I've had a 1Up rack for a few years now, and it's freaking awesome. Super secure, and I like how it holds my bikes up a little higher with the staggering. Plus, if you ever need to, you can order spare parts. I'm sure you'll like it.
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    LEAST aggressive "off road" tires used ? Full size E rated Michelin M/S 2 ?

    I have these on my 1994 Cherokee - much, much lighter vehicle than the OP's, but I've been impressed. Great traction in the snow and road-manners are decent.
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    Ditch the 80 for a Power Wagon?

    As far as your direction, not ultra-soon, unfortunately. Bikepacking a big loop this coming week outta Buena Vista - hoping to get about 400 miles in, but we'll see. I finally bought a 2005 Tundra, so I'll have to look you up soon, Dude.
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    I think that belongs to Mick Stein. He used to own Evolution 4x4 in Casper. He had a sweet Eagle coupe, too. Total Eagle fanatic.
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    Ditch the 80 for a Power Wagon?

    If only you'd've kept that 1998 Tacoma you sold me a buncha years back, eh? Great truck, and I wish I still had it.
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    The Spend What it Takes Bikepacker

    This is what I use: Not so much ultra-packable, but it's small enough. I love mine, and I think I paid about a hundred bucks for it. Steve
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    2001 Tundra Limited Access Cab 4x4 Expedition Style

    Gotta put a price in there, boss. ExPo requires it in a for sale ad.
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    Seat Interchange on '87 Pickup

    I think late 80's/early 90's Civic seats are pretty much a direct bolt-in, if not really close. Plus, super comfy.
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    Power wagon or 2500 for a light slide in camper

    So, you gonna sell the Tundra? If so, I'm interested, and just about an hour away... :ylsmoke: If so, please PM. Steve
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    So many standards means no standards

    Ballet School of New York?
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    Looking for clamp style bottle cage for down tube, suggestions?

    Never used 'em, but here's these ones, too.
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    What's your favorite budget sleeping bag for summer bikepacking?

    Well said. I have 2 WM bags and I love them both. A Summerlite and a Megalite. I don't skimp on comfort while sleeping.
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    Adventure Ride checklist

    A flask. Fill it up with something good.
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    Shorts/chamois for long rides

    To echo what's been posted, Pearl Izumi is definitely in my bike-clothes drawer, but my Ibex El Fito knickers are really growing on me. I've been logging lots of miles with my sweet denim jorts on my B17's and Cambium (I'm a Brooks convert) when I can, but when the ride is longer than 4 hours...
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    One pot meals. -Cooking off of the bike

    I've been wondering about these for a while. On the site it looks like they only have 4 meals available - accurate? My go-to's have been the Mary Jane's Farm meals. Pretty dang good.
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    Ragbrai anyone?

    I like bikes and having fun out in the elements, but I just like doing it alone. I've heard awesome things about the ride, though - and there's killer pork chops, I guess. Have fun, dude!
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    Black Sheep on Home Page

    This is probably true to some extent, but I'm pretty sure he's got plenty of help if he needs it. I visited him after Todd and Paul went to start Moonmen, and there were a couple of old partners in the shop helping him out. I think his waiting list is longer because they committed to quality...