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    Camp Chair Recommendations

    Btw.... Kermit chairs do not need to be broken down and put into their tiny bags each time. When things are space restricted, they go very small, but 98% of the time ours are used as just “Folding chairs”.. We do like them a lot.
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    Camp Chair Recommendations

    Love our Kermit chairs....
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    Shape shifting wheels - news
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    Camp shower advice needed

    Truck stop showers..... Lots of nice clean truck stop shower stalls these days. Some allow 2 people in the shower for the shower fee. Not priced too bad. Cheaper than an overnight stay at RV park if all you really want is a shower....
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    Mushroom Encounter while Camping

    A lady who was an expert on Michigan mushrooms nearly killed her whole family after they moved to Arizona (1960s- I knew them well at the time). All were hospitalized, but eventually recovered, after she used some AZ mushrooms in her spaghetti sauce. The mushrooms looked EXACTLY like the ones...
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    Adventure/Survival in the wilds gear...

    Wazoo was just an example of the innovation that is taking place in the survival arena. There is a lot more going on in survival gear/equipment and electronics to be highlighted and reviewed/discussed.
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    New Expedition Camper - Overland Explorer

    Please continue to update us on you excursions and vehicle mods.
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    What do you really NEED for overlanding

    The old timers used to say use 2wd to go in..... Use 4wd to get out. 4wd stuck is a frequently a big problem.
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    Yet another camper homebuild thread - fibreglass subframe

    Looks like a very interesting build. I’ve got no advice to offer, unfortunately, but I certainly am interested in you project’s progression. Please document it on here for our enrichment.
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    Adventure/Survival in the wilds gear...

    Maybe some here are not familiar with the personal carry survival gear available now. There is a belt developed by Wazoo survival that has a subtle internal pocket in back that can carry small/miniature survival kit. They also have a baseball style cap that has small pockets to carry various...
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    Adventure/Survival in the wilds gear...

    Admin- How about this for a new category of discussion and/or recommendations? Adventure/survival gear is a more specific and different focus than other discussion categories here. Not thinking urban, thinking outdoor adventuring and unexpected situations like vehicle breakdown or...
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    Toilet Solution for LONG TERM Overlanding trips

    Be aware that how many days the urine reservoir can wait to be dumped depends on how much you pee. How much you pee depends on liquid/water intake. If not taken to extreme, more water is much healthier - for many reasons. So take estimates with knowing amounts/days are individually very variable.
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    Electric Chain Saw???

    Oldie but goodie ~48 inch bow saw. Hard to find, but no gas, no smell, no electricity, and you put someone on the other end if you need to get serious. 2 people operating it is surprisingly fast and easy, but I certainly don’t recommend one for bringing in next winter’s firewood. Lol Protect the...
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    Weatherproof Firewood storage?

    I only am concerned that my kindling and small stuff is kept dry. The other larger wood, if well seasoned and dry at the start of a few day trip, will dry fast above the fire I build with the kindling and small seasoned dry wood. Lotsa ways to do it.....
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    Chuck box legs

    The metal folding sawhorses that the legs fold into the hollow metal cross beam flex quite a bit, and will be stable on moderately uneven ground. The big box handymen stores carry them...
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    New Expedition Camper - Overland Explorer

    Howard- That on/off repeat cycle is moderated big time by the thicker bottom on the pan.... like a flywheel moderates a piston engine power strokes. Also, the temp regulation is by percentage of time on. On cheaper conduction units, maybe the on/off cycling is slower than on the higher end...
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    New Expedition Camper - Overland Explorer

    Rebellion - You use a resistance heated kettle, but bad mouth induction? That is a interesting take on efficiency... IdaSho - The whole pot does not have to be cast iron heavy. Only the bottoms of the pots/pans/skillets need to be heavier due to the need for ferrous metal in the bottom. Yes...
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    New Expedition Camper - Overland Explorer

    Get a induction cooktop to supplement your diesel one. An on the counter/table one. You will need induction compatible pots n pans.
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    Functional cool hook/knife sharpener whetstone
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    What induction cooktop do you use?

    Maybe? The cheaper portable units cycle on/off slower - so longer HOT phase, then longer still OFF time during low heat setting? Don't know, obviously, but burning on low/simmer has never been a problem on our home unit.