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    Russia with Rover

    Hi! Now is our summer adventure done. We did an "Lake Ladoga" tour...russian backroads exploring WWII sites and exploring HOW time can stan still 2009! border crossing Finland-Russia att Enso-Svetogorsk typcal russian suburbian hihouse: back roads old Finnish WWII bunkers time...
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    help with spare parts neede!

    Hi! I tried to order some spare parts to my coleman dueal fuel stove 425E and what a mess. Coleman sends me to Coleman Europe whos sends me to some company over here. problem is that 25$ worth of parts cost 150$ here---i refuse to pay such an "Overprice" do any of you know an good dealer that...
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    Long trip from Scandinavia to Africa

    Helllo all! I plased this auestion an some other manufacturers forum pages too so lets run it here too! This is the starting point: run an long trip from Scandinavia to Africa ( Gambia) with 2 adults and 3 kidds. we need a vehicle of some sort! looking for Toyota LC, Mercedes G and Land Rover...