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    Any of you running 235/85/16 tires?

    Damn just got P rated 265 75 16's mounted. More because of weight. really interesting that you found the ride smoother with E's
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    Any of you running 235/85/16 tires?

    Did you notice any difference in ride quality between the P and E tires? Im looking at wildpeaks too, and debating between 265/75/16 in a 4 ply, or 235/85/16 in E. I'm leaning towards the 265 because its 5 lbs lighter, and i was assuming the 4 ply would ride nicer which is a big deal to me with...
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    Skinny vs wide tires pros/cons

    Hmm now I’m leaning towards going wider, 265/75 really isn’t a “wide” tire still, and would be nice to not have to go with a 10 ply
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    Skinny vs wide tires pros/cons

    looks like the sl is a 4 ply, which is what i had in the revo's which was fine. Im maybe 4500lbs max when really loaded, so really dont need a 10 ply. if the 235/85 came in a 4 ply itd be an easy choice.
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    Skinny vs wide tires pros/cons

    Delica L300, I think ive got some other things causing the rough ride, went to too stiff of torsion bars, and need to upgrade to bilsteins, but regardless, i do so damn much driving on washboard/rough gravel roads its super important to me. the reason i looked at the falkens in the first place...
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    Skinny vs wide tires pros/cons

    Yeah think I’m pretty set on the falken. Really like the revo’s but I’ve been wanting to try the wildpeaks for awhile now. im leaning towards the 235/85 over the 265/75. Only thing is the 235/85 only comes in 10 ply, where the 265/75 comes in their SL casing, which I’m assuming would be more...
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    Skinny vs wide tires pros/cons

    yeah they just seemed like a stiff hard tire. So I don’t want to judge narrower tires just off that experience. I’m considering going to a 15” rim to run a 31x10.5 that seems like a great size. it seems like the advantage of a narrower tire is mostly that they deform to abnormalities more...
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    Skinny vs wide tires pros/cons

    I’m looking at a few tires and in a few different sizes for my 16” wheels. I’m thinking 235/85/16, 265/75/16 or 245/75/16(probably not this as I want larger diameter) I’ve got bridgestone revo 3’s in 265/75, and had cooper at3’s in the past in 235/85 Cooper’s were 10 ply and bridgestone are 4...
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    flip up window blank ideas

    I've got some window blanks on my van, currently just mounted using the stock mounting hardware. I added some L track for future plans to use for storage on the outside, and in winter will be used for a ski rack. Anyway, I'm trying to find a good way to make it flip up and use the inside of it...
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    cold weather charge Lithium iron phosphate battery

    I ran into this problem a couple nights over the winter with my battleborn battery. I had my diesel heater running all night which kept my interior pretty warm, but my battery, while being inside is in a spot next to my sliding door that still gets very cold. Some nights in the -20s, even though...
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    Underbody storage solutions

    I’ve got quite a bit of empty space under my van, including at the rear between my leaf shackles where the spare tire used to sit. I keep thinking it’d be a great spot to make some kind of slide out storage deal to carry heavy/dirty tools etc that I’d want to keep outside and down low to help...
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    best onboard air system for tires, shower, accessories

    That Extreme Aire Endura does sound great, being submersible is good too. opens up mounting options. Just not sure if its overkill. 33% duty cycle seems like enough to fill my tires. and having a tank i'm guessing would help out a bit too. That Viair kit just seemed like a good option for the...
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    best onboard air system for tires, shower, accessories

    I've got space in my engine bay if the compressors small enough, the ARB would be pushing it. Otherwise I do have a good amount of space where I could tuck it up and away under the van. And yes I've got a separate cap with a schrader valve for the shower. Though im also considering just using a...
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    best onboard air system for tires, shower, accessories

    I'm trying to get an onboard air system figured out by next week, I've been looking at the ARB CKMA12 this one...
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    Ideas to make my pop top extra stable

    I redid my pop top on my van, new hinges on the front so the front lifts a little higher than before, back still raises higher than the front, westfalia style. I think the combination of the front now lifting higher where before it more pivoted from the front, and significantly more weight due...
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    Eezi Awn 1000 vs ARB awning

    Trying to decide between the Eezi Awn 100 or ARB's aluminum awning. Both in the 2.5 length. Both are pretty light which is a big plus for me. just thinking about the awning alone i like the Eezi awn a little more, looks a little more sturdy, and would look great on my van in black. the only...
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    Carrying skis on the side of my van, using rain gutter.

    I'm trying to figure out how to carry skis outside my van. Im out of bumper space out back, and i've got a pop top thats already on the verge of having too much stuff on top, so now i'm looking at the side of the van. Is there a solution out there that would work? most gutter mounts are just to...
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    Lifting pop top bed out of the way solution

    I just finished up with what I thought would be my solution to lifting my bed frame out of the way, i've got a pop top delica, hinges from the front, higher at the back, basically reverse westfalia style. But we did some redesigned hinges so the front lifts a little higher than stock, and at a...
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    Rear bumper storage for misc. fluids/dirty stuff

    found something looks about perfect