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  1. KE7JFF

    Definitely Gone Off The Deep End F750 Camper

    Ha good work! I know the wrong turn you speak of...even the USFS rigs have to climb out that way. Does your F750 have a PTO? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. KE7JFF

    Definitely Gone Off The Deep End F750 Camper

    Ah! I'm blind! I tow for a living and we have an 650 that is similar except it has the Ford's own automatic that makes it mostly powered by the Turbo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. KE7JFF

    Definitely Gone Off The Deep End F750 Camper

    What motor and tranny in the F750? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. KE7JFF

    Trucky McTruckface - Overland Adventure Truck

    Ooo! That's very slick looking! Beats my idea of using a small cargo container. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. KE7JFF

    Trucky McTruckface - Overland Adventure Truck

    M1078 and PNWGinger: That's actual the kind of input I was looking for! I've been trying to read between the lines from service members who have driven them, current surplus owners, and mechanics and I can't tell if the issues are from S&S, CAT or from well...improper operation from the...
  6. KE7JFF

    Trucky McTruckface - Overland Adventure Truck

    So, I'm curious, how is the reliability of this LMTV platform? I've heard various things across the board.
  7. KE7JFF

    tire story from Hell

    The tire hunt story is interesting; I know a friend of mine who is a long haul trucker told me that a lot of the Freighliner service centers that you see at truck stops seem to have no problem getting tires that is not common like military truck tires. I'm also reminded of my grandfather who...
  8. KE7JFF

    Dometic Refrigerator RM 2193 pilot won't light

    Its been a while since I have dealt with a RM2193, but I think you are correct, its a gas flow issue.
  9. KE7JFF

    Trucky McTruckface - Overland Adventure Truck

    Nice work! Can I come up for a ride? :P
  10. KE7JFF

    CPAP Power Questions

    I recently got a CPAP machine, a Nice ResMed AirSense 10 which also requires 24V. However, I recently found out that the power adapter it uses is also used by HP laptops which are 24V; which somewhere I do have a DC adapter from such a laptop. Once I find it, I'll report to see how it is.
  11. KE7JFF

    SAR Vehicle Photos

    Ha....which day? when I had the AMR RAT unit or the unit from HMS?
  12. KE7JFF

    SAR Vehicle Photos

    HA, The HMS ALS unit that I had for the day is in the shot!
  13. KE7JFF

    Shorty Radio Antenna

    You could also build a wire dipole and tape it with gaffers tape carefully to your windsheild
  14. KE7JFF

    Trucky McTruckface - Overland Adventure Truck

    Something looks familiar here...
  15. KE7JFF

    My Journey

    Yeah! Nice Vendor Area...I'm a sucker for those!
  16. KE7JFF

    Making use of Subaru Forester Cargo Volume

    Hmm...this gives me ideas for my wife's forester to organize the back...
  17. KE7JFF

    Transporting US military trailer to Canada

    As someone who has crossed the border via planes, trains, boats and automobiles, the border is still friendly, but its not a freaking drive up window at Burger King... If you acquired a trailer from a 3rd party in the US and wish to import it to Canada, you are fine as most of the trailers were...
  18. KE7JFF

    Dually or single rear wheel?

    I seem to remember that I think the Ram diesels is sold in Europe or at least the UK.... Well, I take that back....Ram is only sold in via officials dealers in Iceland...looks like there is some importers that get the Ram 1500 to Europe, but I could of sworn in the in 90s, there was a bigger...
  19. KE7JFF

    FORD it just me, or are prices creeping up?

    A while back I was helping some friends of friends who were about to have triplets in their life find a nice Econoline van; looking all over the Pacific NW, I found either anything diesel in the E-series had jacked up pricing and talking to to sellers, they kept telling "it has a clean title!" I...
  20. KE7JFF

    Replacing Rotting Wood Floor

    Thanks for all the tips everyone... This floor job is for a trailer that was donated to the SAR organzation I belong to; while I understand the idea of sealing the floor with chemicals, an idea that popped into my head would be to roller over the floor once replaced with that Flex Seal stuff...