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  1. krick3tt

    What do you all use and don't use?

    Solar is better I think as the generator is another use for fuel and a reason to carry more.
  2. krick3tt

    M416 wiring Harnesses help!

    When I was rebuilding my M416A, I completely re-did the wiring. Using new wire connectors and a Nato plug to my Pinzgauer and also a 4 pin connector/adapter to be able to pull it with my Jeep. did not trust the original wiring. Installed new lights as well to match the Pinzgauer tail lights. I...
  3. krick3tt

    Soft Bridal Strap For Sprinter Van?

    I was involved several years ago with an off road group that stated in their requirements for trips that there would be 'NO' metal ends on any recovery straps or ropes. they become missiles if something breaks, and in truth a human does not have the reaction time built in to duck such missile...
  4. krick3tt

    2010 Tundra RCLB and FWC Grandby Shell $28,500

    Price is firm, what is the price?
  5. krick3tt

    Will this shovel stay put???

    Once had a casual conversation with a guy when I had my Pinzgauer, he had one too. We got to talking about Quick-fist clamps, seemed that he was very much in favor of them. He owned the company. Sometimes you can meet the most interesting people.
  6. krick3tt

    Will this shovel stay put???

    I have had mounts on the roof of my LR for years, no movement, ever. Shovel does not go anywhere and no UV damage.
  7. krick3tt

    Can we talk coffee brewing?

    Use a percolator with a filter, decent coffee if you use good coffee to start. Been using this method for years.
  8. krick3tt

    Croatia - Military things to see...

    Croatia is a beautiful country and my experiences with the people is that they are friendly and welcoming.
  9. krick3tt

    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    I have a swing out tire carrier on the rear of my LR and like the Jeep shown with the ammo can affixed to the rear it does make the right tail light a bit more difficult to see, especially as a turn indicator. This makes the driver following me to hopefully maintain enough distance behind me to...
  10. krick3tt

    Discos going Solar.

    I have a second battery in the LR3 that runs all aux systems: fridge, HAM, inside rear ceiling lights, etc. I would not run things off the starting battery even with a solar panel to keep things charged. Use Nat Luna splitter/charger to keep things separate and a solar panel controller (Sun...
  11. krick3tt

    Hi Lift mount selection help

    On the ARB top bar with the tube mount. Very sturdy
  12. krick3tt

    LR3 and LR4 Brake Life

    Complete brakes at 133,315. Is now 147,974 so front pads out at less than 15K miles. Really doesn't seem that far. edit: Just received new OEM pads for front from AB. Also ordered new sensor from Suburban Auto Parts. Will give me something to do on the weekend, not doing the rears yet.
  13. krick3tt

    Let's talk about buckets

    I got a collapsable bucket from REI but returned it as it was plastic and I wanted to replace the stainless one I have. Discovered the stainless one one was better as I can heat water in it on the propane stove. It travels in the Trasheroo when camping so it really does not take up much space...
  14. krick3tt

    Land Rover LR4 Stock Tire Sizes

    I have 18s on my LR3 with steel rims from Lucky8. Good fit and won't break if I come down hard off a shelf.
  15. krick3tt

    Front Locker is it needed?

    I have had a few ex-military vehicles and they all come with selectable lockers front and rear. Sometimes you need them and sometimes you don't. I would rather have them than not, for that time when the path changes. My LR has the ability to engage them when the vehicle feels the need and I...
  16. krick3tt

    Croatia - Military things to see...

    We have relatives in Croatia and they would prefer not to be reminded of the war so when we visit we do not go to sites like this as interesting as they might be to many Americans.
  17. krick3tt

    Gas - Plastic or metal

    Strictly Nato cans, metal, don't leak, don't smell. They travel well and don't burst if dropped. Seems there are various opinions on this subject.
  18. krick3tt

    Wheat straw dishes for overland glamping?

    Actually for fire starters I use sawdust and paraffin in a paper egg carton section. Have also tried the paper from our shredder and paraffin. It's like a big candle, burns about 10 min to start the wood.
  19. krick3tt

    Wheat straw dishes for overland glamping?

    Mostly I use paper plates nested on a metal plate for strength, same for paper bowls, in a metal bowl. Easy clean up and not very expensive. When we could have fires I would toss them in after eating but now I just put them in the Trasharoo (in a plastic garbage bag) and carry them out.