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  1. nastav

    Aluminum tray back or Ute bed for 1985 Toyota truck in in USA.

    My friend (not on EP) just bought a nice 1985 solid axle Toyota 4x4 with a rusty bed, and he is looking for an Aussie style aluminum tray back or flat bed manufacturer or supplier in the USA. Any resources and links for these in the US? Budget accommodates custom, but he prefers a company that...
  2. nastav

    Colorado: For Sale 2018 Mercedes Sprinter 170” 4x4 cargo less than 1,500 miles

    Location: Telluride, CO For sale one of the last remaining NCV3 4x4 cargo vans. I’m assisting a friend to list this van for sale as he is at his busiest workload of year. This van was purchased late last fall along with another identical van for a business located In Telluride Colorado...
  3. nastav

    San Diego Mercedes sprinter 144” WB 4cyl well-built for sale 28,000 miles $63k$$

    Buddy has a really nice sprinter for sale that has an extended warranty transferable and also the Uber desirable 4cyl and 7sp transmission. Well built with high end components. We loved our 4cyl sprinter. I’ll just post the CL link
  4. nastav

    Any Intel on the new BFGATKO2 DT heavy duty?

    So my sprinter needs new shoes and my local tire shop let me know that BFG has just (like last week) released a heavy duty version of popular sizes of the BFG ATKO2 geared towards the heavy 3/4 and 1 ton truck market. Since my sprinter will most likely wind up heavy, so I have these under...
  5. nastav

    Jeep JK JKU rubicon parts frontrunner, Mopar, Bestop

    San Diego June 13th and 14th Sold Jeep and clearing out my storage in San Diego as we’ve moved. Frontrunner drop down tailgate table-light used Complete oem mopar synthetic differential oil change-new...obviously Bestop bikini mesh top thing-new in box Jeep oem recovery kit-new in bag minus...
  6. nastav

    “Restored” M101CDN military 1/4 ton trailer $3,800

    Please note reduction in asking price 4/18/18 Hello, This pains me, and certainly will cause regret at some point, as I looked for two years to find one as nice as this one. The arrival of a new sprinter 4x4 places this very nice trailer on the market. Registered in Colorado. Clean title. Tows...
  7. nastav

    Looking for an Eezi-awn globe tracker review.

    I’m considering the eezi-awn globe tracker to mount on my trailer. Any real world reviews? Especially regarding set up and break down times and efforts? Comfort? My wife likes the enclosed and attached lower room aspect, I’m concerned with the pain in the *** factor of deployment and stowage...
  8. nastav

    Replace trailer tires due to age not wear?

    My m101cdn has Goodyear MT/R tires that are approximately 8+ years old. Realistically the tires have less than 6,000 miles on them, and most of those were from me over the past year that I’ve owned it. Tires appear to be in good condition after Visual inspection, no issues with ride or...
  9. nastav

    ARB fridge location in Discovery II

    Silly question, but here goes: Where does an ARB 50L fridge (or similar) fit in a DII? The load space seems maybe short with the rear seats (not way back jump) in the upright seating position. I googled and came up short of photos. I have a fridge and a slide, but do not yet have a DII to...
  10. nastav

    Towing an “adventure trailer” with disco I or II?

    Hello, I’m considering a dI or dII purchase. Mostly likley it will be purchased already mildly built with lift and bumpers, etc. so heavy-ish. How would either of these handle towing an approx 1500# m416 style trailer (no electric brakes...yet) as far as power and braking? The d1 would be...
  11. nastav

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 2015 Jeep Wrangler rubicon unlimited AEV built jk350

    2015 AEV JKUR AEV350 for sale. 27,000 miles under one original owner (me) has been on many 2,000 road trips between CO and California. highly desirable tank color. 3.6 auto MSRP was $64,000 has the tan lower dash. hardtop, heated seats, NAV leather, corner guards, IPF HID, AEV rubber mats...
  12. nastav

    170" 4x4 sprinter off road ability?

    I'm looking for actual user reviews on a 170" sprinter 4x4 off-road. I'd install van compass skid plates (or similar) right off the bat and likely cooper discovery stt pros in the stock size. I'm concerned with the wheelbase length in Moab and other places we like to camp dispersed. I currently...
  13. nastav

    Spare stock M101CDN trailer wheel wanted in Colorado

    Wanted: a spare wheel for my trailer. One M101CDN stock steel wheel. Probably could use a VW iltis wheel, if you have one sitting about. Color not important, likely will get painted black to match mine. I'm in SW Colorado. Open to shipping if total transaction amount is reasonable. I've been...
  14. nastav

    Backing up with a short tongue and lunette and pintle tips?

    I recently purchased a M101CDN (M416, AT Chaser size) trailer to tow behind my jeep JKU to haul stuff and camping supplies. I have limited trailer towing experience, and what experience I do have has been with larger trailers with longer tongues....with no intention of taking them off-road. The...
  15. nastav

    FJ60 OEM oil filters, mirrors, console, OZ grab bar

    Original Brown Fj60 Center Console $20. (two small holes drilled inside of box...) Original FJ60 mirrors $20 the pair...good shape Misc landcruiser if you get something else Also Australian grab bar, with mounting pads, no bolts...leather grip, has been painted a few times...grip...
  16. nastav

    GPS Lowrance globalmap Baja 540c Brand New in Box.

    SOLD!!! Locally pending pick-up today. thanks, for alll the responses. PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL (no thread replies. no PM)...I am not near a computer with any frequency, but the phone picks up emails. MY photos are too large, email me and I'll send them to you..sorry...... GPS Lowrance...
  17. nastav

    Just bought 2011 Tundra DC

    Gone: Audi A4 Quattro (wife's).....thank god! she loved that car....I cried tears of joy when the Toyota dealer said they'd give us $7k in trade!!!! Ordered: BMWx5 Diesel (her "chick truck")....Hauls *** for a Diesel...and we got $2,500 in Obama-eco credit for saving the earth in a huge...
  18. nastav

    Fiamma Pro 35 6' 4x4 Expedition Awning Truck or RV - $200

    NOT MINE, but found on CL. text from ad: Excellent condition. Aluminum cased vinyl awning extends to 6' in length, with adjustable legs. mounting hardware for roof racks included. Weighs 13 lbs. Expedition Awning for Land Rover, Land...
  19. nastav

    Small truck Wildernest for sale Not mine....maybe would fit a Taco? Also there is a Full size one FS in San Diego CL for $450