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  1. bondvagabond

    1964 Mercedes Unimog 404 project for sale

    I've got a Unimog 404 s project I am not going to get around to quick enough. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a year ago and my project speed has dropped drastically. Selling to focus on a bushplane build. Enough about me, here is some info about the Unimog Comes with stock 80hp m180...
  2. bondvagabond

    80% of the fun 20% of the price 2001 ranger build

    Well, I sold my first gen cummins (sniff) to pay down the wife's medical bills. But I have to have a truck for work/wandering around in eastern oregon, so I needed to figure out something asap. The budget was very low, like raiding the change jar low, because of said bills :-) I Had a 1991...
  3. bondvagabond

    1990 cummins 4x4 5speed with 12k worm gear winch, new tires, tool box etc.

    10% off for forum members! Here is a link to the craigslist ad for my truck, don't worry, just selling for funds to pimp out the fzj80.
  4. bondvagabond

    First Gen Cummins, accept no substitutes

    Well, through a twist of fate, I was able to pull the trigger on a first gen cummins about a year earlier than planned. I put my International scout project on craigslist for an unrealistic price and it was accepted :Wow1: Then found a screaming deal on a 1990 w250 with a 1991.5 cummins...