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  1. Dave Bennett

    FS: 2016 Ram HD 4x4 CTD with 2016 Four Wheel Camper Flatbed

    2016 Ram HD 4x4 Cummins Turbo Diesel with 2016 Four Wheel Camper Flatbed - LOADED! Price: $99K OBO •Only 31K miles on the odometer. Dealer serviced, still under full OEM warranty. California truck and camper. •Sold as a complete package, not willing to part out. •Fully loaded and ready to...
  2. Dave Bennett

    FS: 2016 RAM 2500 PARTS - SOCAL

    We're doing a flatbed FWC conversion to the new project Ram along with a few other things so some of these brand new OEM Mopar parts need to go to a new home. Great opportunity if someone needed some collision parts as these are quite expensive through Mopar. All parts are brand new 4th Gen Ram...
  3. Dave Bennett

    Goose Gear

    A secret project was recently launched at a hidden skunkworks in Orange County CA. Revolutionary modular storage solutions that meet and exceed Euro-Spec "caravan" equipment are being developed for camper shells, vans, SUV's, FlipPacs, trailers and custom applications. Designed from the ground...
  4. Dave Bennett

    Buying a new camera: Advice?

    Need to buy a new digital camera for event and trip coverage, website work etc. Have about a $600 budget. Been looking at the Canon EOS Rebel T3i... I'm NOT a photographer, but want to buy something that wont need replaced in 2 years as I get more skills. Advice?
  5. Dave Bennett

    FS: Overland Journal "Collectors Set"

    SOLD! I am a Charter Subscriber to the Journal and have the entire set of journals from the first issue up to the 2013 Gear Guide for sale. From Overland Journal: "For the discerning Overland Journal reader, the Collector's Set is the best way to acquire the history and memorabilia...
  6. Dave Bennett

    The Good Deal Thread!

    Post your good deals that you find on outdoor clothing here! :Wow1: I'll start:
  7. Dave Bennett

    The Ursa Minor Modern Shell/RTT Concept Thread

    I think John at Ursa Minor has something up his sleeve. Something about designing a new shell with "FlipPac-esque" qualities and modern tent materials. He's dropped hints publicly. In the hope that Ursa Minor will make one, I hereby volunteer my truck, and FlipPac, in the name of science ;)...
  8. Dave Bennett

    Death Valley: January 2013

    We started out with a simple plan: Do as much of Death Valley and it's surroundings as possible in a 4 day weekend with ExPo regulars Trump, 4RunAmok and ExPoMike. Day 1 was from home up the 15 to the 395 and on to Big Pine for lunch and fuel before heading into Saline Valley from the north...
  9. Dave Bennett

    Propane BBQ and a Snow Peak Iron Grill Table

    Here's my latest Snow Peak tweak - new Overland Gourmet double wide cutting board and a propane BBQ grill in a 4 section IGT :D I had this Perfect Flame sitting in the garage almost forgotten... and it was a near perfect fit Measurement front to back The new cutting board from Overland...
  10. Dave Bennett

    Overland Gourmet Cutting Boards

    New from Overland Gourmet. Made in California, USA. Single and double section available, fits perfectly in the Snow Peak Iron Grill Table. OVG logo on both sides - carve on one side, grill, and then flip it over to the clean side for serving in camp! These look great in the house too :D
  11. Dave Bennett

    Solar Power Wiring Question

    At OVX 12 I bought one of these for $400: The alligator clips while universal are very unsafe due to the fact that there is NO FUSE on this harness. I had a major drama as a result and need to fix this...
  12. Dave Bennett

    The Rice Thread

    Anybody cooking rice in the field? I'd like to! What gear are you using? What is your favorite rice? ( I like Jasmine aka sticky rice)
  13. Dave Bennett

    The Original FlipPac Prototype?

    This was posted FS here recently by member JESSE A, I am documenting it in this section for historical value. Pretty sure this is the original prototype, serial number 1! I know of the history between Six Pac and Flip Pac, and of the split, but I have never heard of Barr Industries and I never...
  14. Dave Bennett

    SoCal Driveline Repair?

    My rear driveshaft is pretty scored up from a rock in Death Valley awhile back. Looked on the net, finding a replacement is a PITA. Maybe somebody has a link for a good OEM type replacement? Any good driveline repair shops that could re-tube and re-u-joint said shaft? I'm in Temecula. TIA!
  15. Dave Bennett

    FS: CBI High Clearance Rear Bumper with Swingout for 05+ Tacoma

    FS: CBI High Clearance Rear Bumper with Swingout for 05+ Tacoma, will fit 2005 through 2012 Tacoma. Zinc dipped and powdercoated. As seen in Summer 2010 issue of Overland Journal: Great protection and well optioned. See full write up with lots of pics HERE on my website. Full wrap...
  16. Dave Bennett

    AR: DPMS or Del-Ton?

    There are a myriad of different AR's on todays market and a few AR's available local that I am looking at. Two are by DPMS and Del-Ton Which brand is better or is it a wash? Rifles are M-4 style and in the $700-$800 price range here in CA and legal Salient points: Del-Ton is around $800...
  17. Dave Bennett

    2012 SoCal Desert Rendezvous

    As many of you know, the Rendezvous Conspiracy has been burning the midnight oil working hard behind the scenes to make some big things happen in 2012. One of them is the 2012 SoCal Desert Rendezvous :costumed-smiley-007 See the main thread HERE Here's what happened at the 2011 SoCal...
  18. Dave Bennett

    Glove Box will not open... sigh...

    So, I had an annoying glove box rattle at the lever (handle) so I went to the dealer and bought a new one and replaced it ($20)... no more rattle. Problem is that now after a while I tried to open the glove box... not working. There is a metal actuator rod that connects the lever to the latch...
  19. Dave Bennett


    As many of you know, the Rendezvous Conspiracy has been burning the midnight oil working hard behind the scenes to make some big things happen in 2012. One of them is my new enthusiast website that I'm announcing here today on ExPo: TACODOC.COM is an independent enthusiast...
  20. Dave Bennett

    Time for new tires

    I have approx. 50K on a set of BFG MT KM's... they have been a GREAT tire. Looking at my next possible set of KM2's has made me think... do I really need a MT? Like most, I do spend most of my time on road but when I am on the trail it is usually rocky desert and very unforgiving here. AT...