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    Tacoma aluminum Pop-up

    Or check out your old lazy boy! Looks similar :)
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    Truck camper for Tocoma Frontier and mid sized trucks

    Gunslinger1, if you don't mind me asking, are you getting a new eureka? I am looking at their cab over campers need more sleeping areas. they look nice for the price.
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    My Solo Wanderings of the West

    Hey Kenny, just knowing you are OK is the best part of any update! You're an inspiration for all of us. Thank you for all your updates, they make my daydreams seem so real!
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    Three months in the NW with 2 dogs and a cat in a van

    Thanks for posting your travels. Hope to follow in your tire tracks someday. Would like to go in a van, and I'm starting to think I don't really need 4wd to do it. We locally camp with 2 cats. It's great when they act like dogs, letting them get back to nature too. Thanks again!
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    Michael And Nat's Western US travels

    That sounds like a great way to semi-retire, traveling the west and working part time in Hawaii. Living the dream. can't wait to see pix. the link didn't work for me, may just be my phone though.Thanks for posting.
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    Trans America trail - in sections

    jonesw3, looks fun from the begining. can't wait to see more pix and hear more about this trail. I havn't seen much about this trail, it will be interesting to see it. Thanks for posting!
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    My Solo Wanderings of the West

    Kenny, As everyone else has said, this is an awesome log of your wanderings. I've been lurking for so many years, well before you had to sign up to see the pix w/o watermarks. The greatness of your adventure can be measured by the number of us you have brought into the light to say Thank you for...