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    Brake controller wiring question - help needed

    Hi All, I’ve wired in a REDARC Tow-Pro Elite trailer brake Controller into my 2014 Jeep JKU with the max tow package. Lights work. Bake lights illuminate. Turn signals work. I assume all of these are working due to the stock four pin connection into the seven pin harness. The blue light on the...
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    SOLD Thule Hull A Port Kayak Saddles

    $65 plus shipping Wide mouth J-profile offers easier loading and unloading Stable, space-saving design thanks to the angled shape of the kayak rack Thick, all-weather pads provide maximum kayak protection Durable, rust-resistant coating and hardware for longer product life Sent from my...
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    M416 lid build

    The lid is coming together nicely. Local fabricator doing the work.
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    Mod priorities

    Hello Everyone, I've been combing all the forums, and I attended Expo East (amazing!). I seem to be more indecisive than ever on the order in which to make mods to my 14 JKU sport. I'm not a rock crawler or mud seeker. Building the jeep for car camping and remote trips/camping. Likely nothing...