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    Automatic charging relay from Blue Sea Systems

    Like new aux. battery charging relay for sale. This was installed in a build that basically got no use so it looks and is like new. $55 Works with 12 or 24v systems. From their site: Automatically combines batteries during charging, isolates batteries when discharging and when starting...
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    NEW Superwinch 9500 Tiger w/Warn Spydura syn rope (SoCal)

    I've got a brand new Superwinch 9500 that I upgraded with 90ft of 3/8 Warn Spydura rope, plus a new Blueline gusseted thimble! I need to swap this model out for a smaller winch on the current build so this one is up for sale. You can pick up near LA in SoCal. Can meet at Frontrunner. Shipping...
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    Warn Spydura 3/8 synthetic winch cable NEW

    I've got a 95ft piece of high-end syn rope in 3/8", breaking is 18,000+ lbs. This is NEW and unused! Don't bother with the cheap China JUNK on amazon and ebay! The price reflects the fact it has no thimble tube on the hook-end. Easy to add your own thimble in whatever type you like. $185 Pick...
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    The ultimate wireless winch remote

    I have a NEW still in the box 2ch. winch remote for sale. 12 or 24v. This is not a Chinese piece of junk that you see all over the place now. This is a real industrial grade unit made in England. It won't fail in the middle of a rain storm, stop connecting at 35ft. or make decisions on its own...
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    NEW Superwinch 9500 Tiger Shark, near LA

    Hey guys I have a brand new Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500. This was for client's build that didn't happen. It doesn't have the fairlead or remote (planned for syn. cable and a Lodar wireless unit, which I can sell with it). I will include the steel cable if you want it but I took it off. This is...
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    Shovel mount hardware - new ideas?

    I've mounted a few before and last time I used the usual Quick Fist rubber mounts but looking for other ideas out there. Not interested in the Frontrunner ones (they need to redeign those so they dont rust!) nor combo mounts since I don't want an axe here. Seems there's a market for a new...
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    External AM radio antenna ideas

    I know this is a somewhat odd idea but I feel like having good AM reception is paramount for me in remote areas. It keeps me entertained late at night when I can't sleep, I can get news and the biggest reason is I can hear weird stories on the "Coast to Coast" radio show! I'm often camped out...
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    Diesel heater 3kw 12v NEW, like an espar or webasto but chinese

    Bought this brand new last week. The kit seems great and is complete but we didn't pay attention to measurements and just found out the heater is .5" too big to fit in the tight space we have! Got to sell it and find another solution. This comes with the pass through muffler, the more...
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    Looking for a fridge in the 30q range

    Good condition 30q range fridge wanted. PM me. I'm in the SoCal region.
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    NEW Ramsey REP8.5e 8500lb winch -USA made- Near LA

    I have a NEW in the box Ramsey REP8.5e winch that was bought for a build, but the rig is being sold now so the winch has to go! If you've been looking for a lower budget but well made winch, this is it. It's also lighter weight than the rest. Put some syn. rope on it and its super lightweight...
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    Anybody used Powermax inverters or chargers?

    Saw a coupon for these guys and wondered if anyone had seen these before? $200 seems way too cheap for a 1000w pure sine inverter.
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    Dometic CF18 fridge --Sold

    Like new Dometic CF18 compact fridge. Used very little, probably 3 weeks total. The sides have a couple scuffs where stuff was laying against it in storage but in like new condition overall. Never exposed to sun, rain, etc.. Always kept in SoCal weather, locked inside truck, under a carport...
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    1979 Gwagen diesel 300GD Ca. Exempt 2-door SWB

    Ultra rare SWB Mercedes Gwagen with lockers front and rear. The frame and mechanicals are pretty much perfect except 2nd gear sync. is worn and it will bump if you shift fast. The bad is the rust damage on the body. Some past owner spent a lot on trying to save the body by replacing body...
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    Land Cruiser scam going around

    Watch out for this LC being listed. They are posting different phone numbers on each ad that I've seen. One of which is not a US area code although it appears to be at first glance. The rig they are posting has some hood damage if you look close. They are also listing Mustangs and others on...
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    Swivel shackle recovery rings

    Hard to find without paying big bucks. These are new/old stock so might have dust or a shelf scratch but are UNUSED. USA made. 25,000lbs+ breaking strength. Anodized and magnetically inspected. Tested before being shipped from factory. 100% rating even at 90 degrees. Full 360 rotation. Waiting...
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    Issues with Bosch AGM?

    Was wondering if anyone has ever experienced odd longevity issues with Bosch AGMs. I got the Group 49 (big one) for a Gwagen diesel which is the stock size. It worked great for about a year and a half. My starting speed became really slow over about a month of off and on driving. I thoroughly...
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    Superwinch X9 for sale- NEW

    Hey guys this is a rare chance to pick up a new USA made Superwinch X9, one of the more desirable winches ever made. These are $800 new, or more. I will sell for $650. Still in the box with solenoid and 5/16 steel cable. This is the updated version with the better clutch handle. Was going on a...
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    Current repeater guide for SW US?

    I did the usual searches but I can't seem to find a decent, updated repeater guide. The last one I copied from seemed to have several non-operational systems. I'd like to pre-program or at least make a sheet for repeaters and nets for my next trip across Ca. to AZ, mainly for safety. Any...
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    Tascam DR-100MKII professional compact sound recorder with XLR inputs

    Anyone doing podcasts, recording nature sounds or for the more serious 4x4 filmmaking guys out there, this is one of the best sound recorders made in this price range. (cleaner sound than the Zoom brand equivalent) If you are using a DSLR and want pro sound, this is ideal. Records super high rez...
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    6x6 Pinzgauer Turbo Diesel with camper box. Gauging interest.

    As much as I don't like "gauging interest" posts, I thought it was the best choice for this one. As some of you know, I used to professionally import rare Euro 4x4's and still run I occasionally get involved in special trucks to this day (I can't resist!) and one came my way...