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  1. Justgosurfin

    High Pointe Convection Oven / Microwave $90 obo

    Location: Delray Beach, FL Price: $90 obo Used for about a 4 week trip before they decided to redesign the RV. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Justgosurfin

    Nova Kool ac/dc fridge and freezer in South Florida

    Model RFU6800. Oiginally in a sprinter pop out RV. $900 obo Delray Beach, FL Selling this for my boss who used it a total of maybe 4 weeks before going with an all fridge unit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Justgosurfin

    Single din flip up cd/dvd player

    Has anyone installed one in the 92-96 Econoline? Wondering if the back of the screen will clear the hvac controls when it’s up? I don’t mind reaching over it to operate the AC just don’t want it to hit the knobs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Justgosurfin

    1995 E350 Evaporator Leak in Passenger Footwell?

    Just started noticing this a week ago. Any thoughts before I go digging aimlessly? maybe a clogged drain? hard to see where it is on the engine side of the firewall. Thanks, as always, for any help.
  5. Justgosurfin

    Captain Planet: When two E350s Combine

    Unfortunately my roommate’s Benz lost this battle. Crazy what a 7 foot roll can do with 6000 pounds behind it. Details after insurance is sorted. Go for steel with your bumpers folks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Justgosurfin

    WTB Air Compressor. ARB Twin or ExtremeAire Magnum

    Title says it all thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Justgosurfin

    Econoline steering shafts interchangeable?

    I’d like to find an upper shaft and ujoint at the yard to see if that’s where any of my “pre-gearbox” steering wheel play is coming from. I have a 1995. Does anyone know if 97+ have a similar design before I drive out there? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Justgosurfin

    1995 e350 ABS module leak?!

    I’m assuming this is the ABS module for the rear brakes (no front abs on a 95). How concerned should I be about how it looks? Seems like there’s a rubber gasket failing or being squeezed out and the forward hose (outlet) seems to be a little leaky. Will tighten and top off today. If I...
  9. Justgosurfin

    4” exhaust for 1995 e350 with Cummins swap

    What are the odds that this kit will work under my 1995? Obviously it will need some work to get to my downpipe. It would the hangers still be in the same place? Or am I better off just having a shop make a full custom exhaust? Any idea on cost or how to choose a muffler? Not looking for very...
  10. Justgosurfin

    1999-2004 super duty Steering Stabilizers

    I have this axle in my converted van and need a mount like this rough country kit but would like to use fox shocks to match the suspension. ***i can’t use the BDS kit...
  11. Justgosurfin

    Econoline Hi Top or Pop Top / Penthouse

    Getting ahead of myself but my girlfriend keeps asking when we’ll have some more headroom. For those of you with hi tops, how high does it have to be to have 6’ of headroom? I really like the idea of permanently having space inside, but am also aware of the increased overall height. Pop tops...
  12. Justgosurfin

    Redhead steering gear. Still have some wheel play 1995 e350

    How much play does everyone have in their econoline steering wheels? I installed a gearbox from redhead thinking it would complement all the other brand new joints I installed with the Dana 60 and UJOR 6” kit. Unfortunately I’m left with some slop at the wheel. It turns well but it seems like...
  13. Justgosurfin

    1995 fender what years match it?

    Seems cheaper to buy a junkyard one than have some dents removed before painting. I know some interior stuff changed after 96 I think. Anyone know about the fender mounts? Not looking for a facelift just replacing what I have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Justgosurfin

    Aluminess nerf bars

    How do they do with any impacts? Wondering if something custom in steel might be better. Any feedback would be great!
  15. Justgosurfin

    95 econoline reverse light harness?

    I have a dodge manual trans and need to wire my reverse lights to it. Anyone know where the wires are normally run or where the fuse is?
  16. Justgosurfin

    Sterling e brake cable install in e350

    I just installed the sterling in the rear on Friday but am a little puzzled as to how the cables are routed up beyond the one retaining clip on top of the diff. Any pics or guidance would be great thanks!
  17. Justgosurfin

    Allignment shop for lifted van?

    I have lifetime allignment at Firestone for the van. It are they just gonna scratch there heads when I show up next week?im more concerned with them not knowing how to properly do the job than whether or not I have to pay extra. Should I try to find a specialty lift shop? Thanks
  18. Justgosurfin

    Arb awning. Aluminum or Canvas Cover?

    Is the aluminum cover worth the premium? I’m not concerned about the looks but about it holding up over time. Seems like those little bungees on the hardcover would be an easy fail point?
  19. Justgosurfin

    Can someone ID this thing?

    No it’s not an overland but I just gotta know what the heck it is.
  20. Justgosurfin

    Need a matching spare WHEEL

    Does anyone recognize these? The letters CTW are stamped on this inside with the date but I don’t see any brand names or anything? They look like a cragar soft 8 to me but I’m not positive. 17x8 on 170. 4.5” backspacing.